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    Federal Laws and Regulations: Employee Workplace Rights

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    Using the Library or other Web resources, locate and summarize a real-life example of when contract rights secured through collective bargaining conflict with civil rights.

    * Describe the federal laws and regulations pertaining to employee workplace rights.

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    Real-life example of when contract rights secured through collective bargaining conflict with civil rights:

    Collective bargaining is a formal process through which employees are able to have a voice in decisions affecting their professions and jobs. Through it workers are often able to negotiate with their employers for better working conditions, hours, benefits and salary, and also provides a contracts in which all these agreements are put down in writing and help in protecting employees from unfair treatments and also helps employers to properly manage their workforce (Legal Information Institute, 2011a). Civil rights on the other hand are enforceable rights that protect the freedom individuals from unwarranted infringement by anybody whether organizations, private individuals or governments, and ensures that individuals are able to participate in political and civil life without strife, repression or discrimination. There are numerous legislations that embody civil rights with the most prominent one being the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 (Legal Information Institute, 2011b). At times in employment cases, contract rights secured through collective bargaining may conflict with civil rights of employees, and this has often been tricky to resolve at times requiring deep legal analysis.

    One such instance where contract rights secured through collective bargaining conflicted with civil rights was in the ...

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