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    United States workplace labour laws

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    1. What are the employee workplace rights mandated by U.S. Federal law?
    2. Briefly discuss at least two controversial issues concerning workplace rights (other than monitoring email).
    3. In addition, discuss the issue of workplace privacy. Specifically, do employees have the right to expect privacy in their email conversations, or do companies have a right and/or responsibility to monitor email?

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    What are the employee workplace rights mandated by U.S. Federal law?
    The law encourages workers to be active players in their workplace's safety and health effort. It gives employees the right to

    -Review copies of appropriate standards, rules, regulations, and requirements that the employer is required to have available at the workplace;
    -Request information from the employer on safety and health hazards in the workplace, appropriate precautions to take, and procedures to follow if the employee is involved in an accident or is exposed to toxic substances;
    -Gain access to relevant employee exposure and medical records;
    -Request an OSHA inspection if they believe hazardous conditions or violations of standards exist in the workplace;
    -Accompany an OSHA compliance officer during the inspection tour, or have an authorized employee representative do so;
    -Respond to questions from the OSHA compliance officer;
    -Observe any monitoring or measuring of hazardous materials and see the resulting records, as specified under the OSH Act and required by OSHA standards;
    -Review or have an authorized representative review the employer's Log of Work-Related
    -Occupational Injuries and Illnesses (OSHA 300) at a reasonable time and in a reasonable manner;
    -Object to the timeframe set by OSHA for the employer to correct a violation by writing to the OSHA area director within 15 working days from the date the employer receives the citation;
    Submit a written request to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health for information on whether any substance in the workplace has potentially toxic effects in the concentration being used, and, if requested, have their names withheld from the employer;
    -Be notified if the employer applies for a variance ...

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