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    US Labour Unions

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    Describe the formation of the early labor unions in the United States, including their goals, activities, and situations at the end of the nineteenth century.

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    US Labour Unions

    A labour union is a familiar concept in the present. They are an organization composed of workers, organized mostly according to industry or nature of work, with the purpose of protecting the workers from abuses, unsafe working environments and ensuring that they have a voice in the decision process for political and economic purposes that are meant for their benefit. Labour unions have been accused by industry leaders in holding businesses to ransom and thus, crippling industry. In the history of US labour unions, both can be said to have taken place. As such, labour unions are woven into the fabric of American economic and social history.

    19th Century

    While there have been some form of unions and worker-protection assemblies in the early history of the US, like the union of printers in 1778 in NY - they disband after their goals are achieved. In 1791, carpenter in Philadelphia organized strikes to demand 10 hour workdays which in turn inspired construction-related trades to organize and hold strikes and concentrated campaigns. But long-term unions did not ...

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