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Human Resource law

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Hi Reena, I would like more details for my report because it needs to be 5 pages long. Also in your report, you talked about different laws but according to my instructions, I am supposed to Prepare a report on the origins, changes, and current issues surrounding on one of the HR-relevant law. For example, if you choose USERRA, you would find out why the legislation was enacted, how it developed to what it is today, and what challenges it faces in the near future. Some topics will be more interesting than others. Thanks, Nisha

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HR Laws govern how the organisations make human resource management policies. This report focus on the law "USERRA" and analyses this law from the various points like origins, changes, and current issues.

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Human Resource law is concerned with the Labour and Employment regulation, and maintenance of organizational changes and industrial relations. HR law also deals with the issues related to managing duties of hiring, terminating, salary and wages, and overtime. In addition, it focuses on workplace safety, privacy, discrimination and workers' exploitation. In USA, local, state, and federal employment laws play a significant role in developing and managing human resource professionals (Cooper, 2014). These laws deal with a number of statutory and regulatory authorities for lawfully and efficiently tacking HR professionals.
USERRA (Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act) was brought by Bill Clinton, the president of USA, on 13th October, 1994. The law was enacted to safeguard the civilian employment of active and reserve military people in the United States. The law is also applicable to all United States uniformed services and their respective reserve parts. Since after 2011, some significant legislative changes were made to USERRA by the Veterans Benefits Improvement Act of 2004. The enactment of VOW Act (Vow to Hire Veterans Act) and NDAA Act (National Defence Authorization Act) of 2012 also affected the legal requirements for eligibility and compliance with USERRA. Further, the new act lengthens the highest coverage period of employer-sponsored health care for USERRA-sheltered employees from 18 to 24 months (Barnes, 2014). It also requires employers to provide employees with notice of their rights, advantages and duties under USERRA. The two major issues faced by the employers covered in USERRA are: unaware of their general duties in putting-back returning veterans and not appropriately reinstating them to the position and the wage rate that they would have been earning if they had been working and not in the service.
Another Act enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America is FLSA (Fair Labour Standards Act). This act was passed in 1938, and is applicable to the workers who are employed in inter-state commerce or in the manufacture of goods for commerce. It applies to all such employers unless they are exempted from the coverage. In 2014, the US Senate discussed the 'minimum wage fairness Act' which amended the FLSA to maximize the federal minimum wage rate for workers to $10.10 per hour after two years of the employment. Also, in January, 2015, the Healthy Families Act was enacted by US president, Obama, in order to provide employees one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours they work up to seven days or 56 hours of paid sick ...

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