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    Danger of Airbags in Low Impact Crashes

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    Do you think auto manufacturers do enough to explain the downside of airbags? How air bags can be dangerous in low impact crashes?

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    Automobile companies are in an unusual position. On the one hand the air bags are intended to help sell vehicles on the basis of safety. If auto companies did a good job of explaining to people that airbags might not be helpful in low impact crashes. This would tend to undermine the marketing value of providing airbags. So, do companies intentionally understate the potential dangers. The point of air bags is to sell the cars as safe. If the safety measures introduce new dangers, explaining those dangers would undermine the psychological and marketing value of the air bags. So, of necessity the auto companies would not want to address the issue of air bag safety.



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    This solution of 452 words discusses the complex issues around airbag safety and education of the dangers of airbags in low impact crashes.