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Business Law

Discuss Ralph Nader and the Customer Rights Movement

The Nader Page is a website devoted to consumer advocate Ralph Nader and his work. Go to Click History. Click Chapter 1. Read "The Beginnings." Click Back on your browser. Click Chapter 8. Read "The Citizen Movement Expands." As a current or potential manager,

Kinkaid Co Stockholders' equity transactions: How many shares, legal capital

Requirement 1-This is a new company so the shares issued in a, b, c, d transactions should equal the # o/s shares at end of year. Requirement 3-Total Contributed Capital or Paid In Capital is the total Stock plus Paid in Capital in Excess accounts. Again, since this is a new company there are no beginning balances. Kinkaid

Business to consumer: YouTube in business; how does age relate to loyalty

1.) Imagine that you are an executive working in either television or film; how does YouTube challenge your business and the idea of commercial entertainment in general? 2.) Loyalty is often thought of in terms of character and personal relationships, but how does the increased information flow of the information age relate t

Short Case Analysis: Federal WARN law

A federal law, known as WARN, requires employers with more than 100 employees to announce plant closings in advance to give employees time to transition to new fields or jobs. Many states have also enacted legislation that requires employers to give notice to employees about changes in staffing levels. > Go to your state's W

1995 Auto Corporation: terminations that will not present legal risk yet enable the company to terminate employees who are not contributing to the success of the organization...

With these issues in mind, what recommendations would you offer to 1995 Auto Corp. to help position them for terminations that will not present legal risk yet enable the company to terminate employees who are not contributing to the success of the organization? What process will the company need to follow, and how can they

Summary Report of the new

Deliverable Length: 3-4 paragraphs Date Due: Friday, Jul 23, 2010 Because the majority of patient medical records at Jones Memorial Hospital are in paper form, the hospital has been burdened with the recent law passed by Congress urging healthcare facilities to revert to the use of electronic medical records. As a patient

Forensic Accounting Case 47: auditor independence, compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley

Case 47: You are a recent graduate with a degree in accounting .Your employer is unfamiliar with the concept of auditor independence. Explain to your new boss why auditor independence is important and identified specific steps that must be taken to ensure compliance with independence requirement of Sarbanes-Oxley. Provide

Business Law: Global-Mart violoation of FMLA? Carol Jones files under Title VII.

Question 1: Sid Frost worked as a merchandising supervisor for Global-Mart, Inc. a large discount store employing over 26,000 people. When Frost suffered his third stroke in April 1999, he took leave from work, which was covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993. The vice president of personnel for Global-Ma

Employment: Anti-Discrimination Laws

Choose one of the anti-discrimination laws (Americans with disabilities act, Civil rights act, Gender discrimination, etc) .Using an example from your experience, or a recent article, what are ways that businesses make sure they are in compliance with the law? If you were a business owner, what would you do to insure you are co

Question for Discussion

Nancy is an employee at a local pizza restaurant. The restaurant has a small eat-in dining room, and they also deliver. One day, the restaurant ran out of paper towels for the restroom, and Nancy was asked to take the company delivery vehicle to buy more supplies. On her way out, the manager also asked Nancy if she would stop

I . Case: Name of the case, (and year of the decision). United States vs. Rosenberg (2009) II. Facts: Who are the parties to the lawsuit, what is their dispute? In your own words, only include the few important facts necessary to understand the case. If procedural matters are important (was it a motion to dismiss, etc. for example), be sure to include that as well. ? United States of America, Plaintiff-Appellee, v. Candace Rosenberg, Defendant-Appellant. For Appellees: ? Paul W. Connell, Attorney (argued), Office of the United States Attorney, Madison, WI, for Plaintiff-Appellee., Richard H. Parsons, Attorney, Peoria, IL, Paul F.X. Schwartz, Attorney, Madison, WI, A. Brian Threlkeld, Attorney (argued), Office of the Federal Public Defender, Urbana, IL, for Defendant-Appellant. The dispute is noncompliance with the Controlled Substance Act. Apparently the Defendant wrote prescriptions to nine patients unethically, i.e. outside the realm of professional practices. One patient out of the nine patients overdosed on the prescriptions the Defendant prescribed. The Defendant is a nurse practitioner who has the ability to write prescriptions, abused her privileges of writing prescriptions and conducted a private practice outside of a professional working environment. The defendant prescribed medications without performing a physical examination or checking the status of their medical history. The Defendant overcharged patients for narcotic prescriptions and was basically functioning as a drug dealer.

I . Case: Name of the case, (and year of the decision). United States vs. Rosenberg (2009) II. Facts: Who are the parties to the lawsuit, what is their dispute? In your own words, only include the few important facts necessary to understand the case. If procedural matters are important (was it a motion to dismiss, e

Non- compete contracts

The scenario is a company which is hiring a software engineer to specially design new software for the company's use, and the company wants to enter into a non-compete agreement with the software engineer. Need help in preparing a paper discussing any statutes and case laws in the US regarding non-compete agreements, and th

Evolution of the Law

I need help in the following to start on a paper...not more than 2 pages. Reflect on the evolution of the law and write on what laws you think might be forthcoming in the next 10 years and why. Summarizes current legislation regarding workers' rights. Anticipates future changes in the law. Analyzes the reasons why the law

Business Laws - Favouritism in a Shoe Store

I need help with the below scenario: You are the regional manager of a shoe store chain, which is one of many located in the metro area. Bob, a manager, works at a mall location. One day, Bob calls you with the following situation: About an hour ago, the store' best customer, Imelda, walked in and asked Bob if an employee

Summarize the legal defenses to contract formation

Foodmart, Inc. is a retail grocery store chain based in Any State, U.S.A. Foodmart has stores throughout the United States. Brian McDonald works as the produce manager for the store in My Town, U.S.A. Jeremy Atwater, 17 years old, is spending his summer vacation working for Brian in the produce department. Scenario 1: Foodmar

Business Law: Tort Action, Plaintiffs, and Elements

Help write a synopsis for each scenario in which you answer the following statements: o What tort actions do you see o The identity of potential plaintiffs o The identity of potential defendants and why you see each one as a defendant o The elements of the tort claim that constitute the plaintiff's claim o

Banning Transfat & Public Health Law

Many states, cities and municipalities (NY City, the state of California, Montgomery County, MD) have moved to ban trans fats. If you don't know what trans fats are, go here: To assume that the reports that trans fats are dangerous to the health of the indivi

Business Law : key information

1) Mary is cutting weeds at her home. She is unable to trim some weeds she finds, because they grew between the rocks, so she removes the protective guard on the weed trimmer and trims the weeds. There are no warnings on the weed trimmer advising against removing the guard. She hits a rock, which is thrown to the side, hitting h

Business Law

Assistance is needed in choosing an example of a type of agency (express, implied, apparent, or by ratification). Use an example from your professional experience that demonstrates one type of agency. Define that agency and discuss how the principal and the agent fulfilled the duties they owed to one another. If you donâ??t t

Public Accountability Acts

A discussion on main acts that affect public accountability: Freedom of Information Act Government in the Sunshine Act Regulatory Flexibility Act Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act