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Business Law

Business Law: An Alternative the Best Completes the Statement

Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question and explain why in one to two sentences. 1. Which of the following best describes the role of the lawyer? The client makes decisions regarding civil matters; the lawyer makes decisions regarding criminal matters. a. The lawyer is simpl

General Business Law

1. CELL PHONES - A restaurant owner has implemented a new policy prohibiting the use of cell phones in the restaurant by employees or customers. Is that constitutional? 2. WINE - Michigan prohibited direct shipment by out-of-state wineries while New York nominally permitted it for out-of-state wineries that maintai

Employment and Labor Law: Develop a questionnaire for interviewing applicants

As the human resources manager, you want to ensure that your company's hiring practices follow all applicable laws and preserve the rights of employment candidates. Develop a questionnaire that managers at your company will use when they are interviewing applicants. This document must contain the following: * The name

Citigroup: subprime loan mortgage

As the CEO or top executive of Citigroup, how would you have handled the situation differently (subprime loan mortgage)? Explain your answer.

The Big Business of the Olympics and Bribery: Salt Lake City, 2002 Winter Games

The Big Business of the Olympics and Bribery LEAD STORY-DATELINE: The Washington Post, January 15, 1999. Salt Lake City and the state of Utah are considered synonymous with the Mormon Church and the morality that flows from religious pursuits. A recent bribery scandal relating to Salt Lake City's successful bid to host the 2

Mentoring and Coaching

Please help in getting started writing a paper about mentoring and/or coaching. It should include the following: A detailed explanation of how mentoring and/or coaching influences the success of an employee. An analysis of the importance of training and development on both workplace performance and work-life balance. Needed

Dobson Construction: Percentage of completion on contract

See attached file. The first problem is to compute the percentage of completion on a 4,000,000 lump-sum contract. Also, need to indicate the amount of gross profit that would be reported on this contract - labor $850,000 - materials and subcontractor 1,750,000 - indirect costs 400,000. Costs incurred to date are labor 464,0

Let's try a quick hypo

Let's try a quick hypo. A man ("A") sees his enemy ("B") while he is walking down the street. They are walking in opposite directions, and are about to cross paths. As B approaches, A pulls out his gun and aims it at B, intending to only scare him. The gun accidentally discharges and hits B in the arm. Putting aside possibl

Identify tort actions, plaintiffs/defendants, elements of the torts

o What tort actions do you see o The identity of potential plaintiffs o The identity of potential defendants and why you see each one as a defendant o The elements of the tort claim that constitute the plaintiffâ??s claim o Any defenses you think defendants might assert o How you think the claim will be resolved, stating l

Role of Culture: Negotiating a Contract in a Country

Imagine that you must negotiate a contract with an organisation that is in a country other than your own. Choose any country other than your native country and then answer the following questions: * Identify the country. List the main aspects of this country's culture, as you perceive it today. * What assumptions do

What are some employment laws that you are aware of that impact the workplace?

What are some employment laws that you are aware of that impact the workplace? Choose two laws and elaborate on your relevant insights (from the Internet search, as well as from your personal experience, if applicable). Be sure to use citations as appropriate in the body of your post, and include the full reference listing(s) at

Agent Authority - legal principle applied

Paulette is the owner of the Rock On Mobile Home Park. For several years, Albert regularly collected rent for Paulette from the tenants of the mobile home park. Recently, Paulette learned that Albert pocketed some rent he collected, so Paulette fired Albert, and revoked his authority to collect rent payments from tenants. Howeve

Supreme-court proceedings that does not include witness testimonies or the testimonies of the plaintiff or defendant, instead, the court requires a legal brief prepared by legal administration from each side before the appointed date of appearance. The attorneys present their opposing arguments on behalf of the client before the judge. The court takes each argument into consideration and thoroughly evaluates the evidence presented and renders a decision according to what is feasible under the U.S. Constitution. Verdicts under the Supreme Court are lengthy; it may take several months before a decision has been reached. Probate-handles the most sensitive cases for the disabled, elderly, and/or adolescents who are unable to help themselves during legal matters. Probate protects the rights of the aforementioned individuals. Appellate-consists of paralegals and lawyers that process paperwork from the supreme and appellate court. A case manager is assigned to a case number and follows through on the case from beginning to end. The manager monitors and reviews all of the documents and waits for the appeal. Once the appeal has been filed the manager conducts a comprehensive analysis of the information presented from a jurisdictional and procedural aspect. The case manager double checks the case files to ensure that all the necessary documents are included. In the event information or documentation is missing, the case may be subjected to dismissal unless there is additional information that may be admissible in civil court. (State of Connecticut Judicial Branch (2003).

Supreme-court proceedings that does not include witness testimonies or the testimonies of the plaintiff or defendant, instead, the court requires a legal brief prepared by legal administration from each side before the appointed date of appearance. The attorneys present their opposing arguments on behalf of the client before th

Compaq Computer v. Horton Case Analysis

Compaq Computer v. Horton, 631 A.2d 1 (Del., 1993) See: 1. Who has the burden of establishing the propriety or lack of propriety of a demand? 2. What is the test for proper purpose? 3. Can a proper purpose be adverse to the corporation's interest? 4. Did either

International Laws and US companies

Look at these concepts below and discuss them... A: Ethics B: Governmental regulation A) In light of ethical, political, and legal responsibilities, please describe how these concepts effect managers? B) Choose a publicly-traded company which operates in more than one country and pick a couple concepts from

Negotiation and Arbitration

1. You are negotiating with a customer you cannot afford to lose. They are ready to walk out the door and you have already applied the principles of negotiating to no avail. What do you do next? Is there anything else you can do to salvage the customer for your company? 2. You and your opponent cannot come to agreement on th

Employment Law

History and evolution of Title VII and its amendments (PDA, ADA, Adea) 1,236 words plus references

Conduct is illegal under Securities and Exchange Act

Let's look at corporate malfeasance at companies across the country. It seems as though there is an outbreak of corporate "bad ethics" which is translating into escalating costs for compliance and policing. Along with the SEC and their policing and efforts at ending bad business practices which relate to the stock market, we

business law (using IRAC formula)

Grant, Arthur, and David formed a partnership for the purpose of betting on boxing matches. Grant and Arthur would become friendly with various boxers and offer the bribes to lose certain bouts. David would then place large bets, using money contributed by all three, and would collect the winnings. After David had accumulated a

Hammurabi Law Code

Please help answer the following question. Include references in the solution. Discuss the Hammurabi Law Code, and analyze what it tells us about Mesopotamian society. What role did law play in this culture?

Predatory Price Scheme

William Inglis & Sons is a family-owned whole-sale bakery with production facilities in Stockton, California, that manufactured and distributed bread and rolls in northern California. ITT Continental is one of the nation's largest wholesale bakeries and was a competitor of Inglis in the northern California market. Both Inglis

Merit of Sarbanes-Oxley Act: Improve Controls or Distraction

Some feel that Sarbanes-Oxley Act was necessary to ensure public companies are following the appropriate internal control procedures, after the downfall of companies like Enron and Worldcom. While others feel that all of the extra rules have made the internal controls less effective because it is difficult to ensure all of the s