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Business Law

Constitutional Protections of Privacy

I need help answering the below questions concerning privacy protections of employees. What are some of the constitutional protections of privacy? What privacy rights are afforded to public and private sector employees? How might privacy rights be waived?

Business cycles, supply and demand, price of labor, minimum wage law

1. In economic terms, what are the market consequences of a price floor? Discuss the economic implications of implementing a legal minimum wage. 2. What do the laws of supply and demand predict would be the result of an immediate removal of minimum wage in terms of the price of labor and the quantity available? 3. Do you

Recent Banking Industry Crisis and Glass-Steagall Act

Request assistance with graduate level research: MS word document, with APA citing in text and references, addressing the following issues: Given the recent banking industry crisis, was repealing the Glass-Steagall act a mistake? Be sure to consider effects on banks as well as on bank customers, and the market reactio

Effect of Sarbanes-Oxley Act: Internal Controls

What are Internal Controls and their two primary goals? How did the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 affect internal controls? Also why would a company that announces deficiencies in its internal controls experience a fall in the price of their stock?

Ries and Trout's, The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing: Discuss, analyze 4 rules

See attached files. Please read in full The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing (Ries and Trout). Choose four of these rules for discussion and analysis. Please draft a memorandum outlining which of their 22 rules have, in your opinion, the most relevance to politics, except #22 and #17. Show how these rules are applicable t

Bernie Badoff Case Law

Bernie Badoff works in a high stress job on Wall Street. Because of the downturn of the economy, Bernie's commissions have decreased by nearly fifty percent over the past year and Bernie has fallen behind on his mortgage payments on his summer cottage in the Hamptons. Bernie received a notice from the bank that foreclosure pro

Discussing Employment Laws in the Private Sector

Can you help me get started with this response? Do the employment laws affecting the private sector work as they are designed to in the U.S.? Have they worked in the past? Do they need to be revised in light of new topics related to employment?

Business communication Law/statutes

Explain in 300 minimum for each question. 1. Identify a minimum of three different business statutes that exist in a business communications environment. 2. Provide a brief analysis of each of the different statutes that you identified

The Legislative Branch

Why does the legislative branch have the most power? Where the source of the power is derived from? Provide current event examples of the power of the appropriate branch?

Legal system in the US is similar to the system in England

Write a paper about why the legal system in the US is so similar to the legal system in England. Can the similarities be attributed solely to the fact that the Founding Fathers of the US were British and familiar with the legal system in England or are there additional reasons?

Elements of negligent tort

Prepare a two to three page paper, following the APA guidelines, detailing the elements of a negligent tort. At a minimum, your analysis must include the concepts of but for and proximate causation, duty of care and the various types of remedies available for a finding of tort liability. You are encouraged to research scholarly

Multiple support agreement

For the past several years, Jeanne and her two sisters have taken turns claiming a dependency exemption deduction for their mother under a multiple support agreement. This year Jeanne will be entitled to the exemption, and her mother needs money for surgery and new eyeglasses. Should Jeanne pay for the medical expenses as her sh

Contract Creation

Identify the legal issues present and note legal principles that apply to each. Reflect on the legal principles presented in this week's readings. Prepare a memo to discuss what legal risks and opportunities are in the simulation. Identify what a manager may do to avoid those risks, minimize liabilities, and b

Contractural agreement

Howard Homeowner discovered that the city has plans to put in a garbage dump across the street which would substantially decrease the value of his home. As soon as he discovered this information he put his home up for sale. Betty Buyer visited the home the next day and fell in love with the ranch style home and purchased it on


Strict liability makes sellers of products liable irrespective of their fault.What can justify this? In other words, if a business is not at fault, why should it be liable?

Agreement to Construct an Office Building

16. In 2011, Fayette Engineering entered into an agreement to construct an office building at a contract price of $5,100,000. Construction data were as follows: 2011 2012 2013 Construction costs incurred $ 750,000 $2,700,000 $ 630,000 Estimated costs to complete 3,000,000 862,500

Business Law case study

I need some assistance on summarizing the following points: **See attachment **2 pages **please use the sources provided **please explain it in your own words

Business Law: Contracts that may be void or voidable

Most of the contracts we enter into are legal and valid with very few defenses. However, in certain circumstances contracts may be void or voidable for certain reasons. Usually this happens when one party is overtly defrauded. However, it is important to note that a court generally will not protect you from a a bad deal that you

Law: When can 'impossibility of performance' be used as a defense?

I need help in answering the following: Millie contracted to sell Frank 10,000 bushels of corn to be grown on Millie's farm. Due to a drought during the growing season, Millie's yield was much less than anticipated, and she could deliver only 250 bushels to Frank. Frank accepted the lesser amount but sued Millie for breach of

Kudler Fine Foods Quality Management: PDCA Cycle (plan, do, act, check)

Kudler Fine Foods Effects of Quality Management on Domestic and Global Competition Detail a plan for implementing quality improvement process in Kudler Fine Foods business. This solution must outline an implementation plan. please include the PDCA CYCLE : PLAN, DO, ACT, CHECK OUR business goal is to increase sales and