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Business Law

Identify the three crimes

Look at the elements that make up a crime. The following situations are similar (all involve the theft of Makoto's laptop computer), yet they represent different crimes. Identify the three crimes, noting the differences among them. 1 While passing Makoto's house one night, Sarah see a laptop computer left unattended on Ma

Law - Conditions can be only:

Conditions can be only: A. precedent. B. subsequent. C. precedent or subsequent. D. precedent, subsequent, or concurrent. E. precedent, subsequent, concurrent, or nominal.

Acquiring Enforceable Rights

Which of the following types of third-party beneficiaries can acquire enforceable rights under the original contract? A. incidental, donee, creditor B. incidental, donee C. creditor only D. donee only E. creditor, donee

Necessities of society

Under the common law necessities were limited to those items absolutely necessary for survival, namely, food, clothing, and shelter. Over time, this definition has expanded due to the evolutionary nature of law.

Factors for choice of country to do business

If you were in charge of choosing which global country to do business with, which country would you choose, and why? Would you take into consideration the work conditions the cheap laborer would be working in? Would that effect your decision??

Baseball arbitration

Have you heard of "baseball arbitration"? This style of arbitration is used in other fields beside major league baseball. In baseball style arbitration, each side separately proposes an offer to the arbitrator. The arbitrator then picks one of the offers and that's the decision (no middle ground). So, if one party offers $1

Law involved in the judge's determination of who got the baseball

During the 2001 MLB season, Barry Bonds set the record for home runs. A fan, Alex Popov had his glove on that home-run ball. However, Patrick Hayashi ended up with the ball. Mr. Popov filed suit alleging that Mr. Hayashi assaulted Mr. Popov in order to get the ball. Videotape shows Mr. Popov's gloving of the ball. Mr. Popov sa

"Minimum Contacts" and the "Long Arm Statute"

What is the holding in International Shoe Co. v. Washington, 326 U.S. 310? What is the concept of "minimum contacts"? What is a "long arm statute" Why are these concepts important o business law?

Description of Sarbanes-Oxley

How did Sarbanes-Oxley deal with people who commit securities fraud and are fined by state or federal authorities, ordered to disgorge profits, or lose civil damage judgments may seek to avoid paying them by declaring bankruptcy and discharging those obligations?

Common law and civil law

Explain the concepts of common law and civil law? Explain the difference between criminal cases and civil case?

Foreign Earned Income Exclusion Act

1. You are setting up a branch for your international trading group in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. You have other branches all over the world. You're deciding what days to be open in the Middle East many of your employees will be local citizens. The weekend in the Middle East is Friday and Saturday. You're buying and sel

Law and accounting discussion

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room. Based upon the video, the piece is expected to describe the video "what is happening in that video". It is also expected to do some outside research regarding the rise and fall on Enron. For the substantive part of this learning, it is expected to answer, among other things, the following qu

Patent law and generic products

In the situation below who are the stakeholders involved if the United States were to consider such a change in its laws. How would they respond to the changes? Situation: One solution would be for an industrialized country to amend its patent laws to allow the production of generics solely for export to countries in need.

International Business and Sociopolitical Environment

International business managers must also consider the sociopolitical environment of a host country. The overall attitude in a country affects how labor and management view each other and how labor will try to improve its lot. Wal-Mart was heavily criticized for utilizing labor overseas instead of using North American workers. W

Rights and Obligation: Every right is attached with a counter obligation and neither of these can be considered in isolation. A contract is an obligation attached by the mere force of law to certain acts of the parties, usually words, which ordinarily accompany and represent a known intent.

In 1999, a Seattle man took a popular soft-drink company seriously when one of its commercials made an offer of a Harrier jet, the famous high-tech jump jet used by the U.S. Marines. In a TV commercial that aired in 1995, the company jokingly included the Harrier as one of the prizes that could be received with a mere 7 million

"Bait and Switch"

In the video "Bait and Switch" When Tony said over the phone "three thousand dollars firm," was he was making an offer that, if accepted, would bind the dealership in contract.

Are Naming Rights a Win-Win for Companies and Communities?

Does the situation below this represent a win-win situation: New York's Metropolitan Transportation authority proposes to sell naming rights to bridges and to rail and subway stations to corporate advertisers. Meanwhile, in Rome, city planners have been very successful raising funds for restoring ancient buildings and monumen

Selected Employment Benefits and Protections

Please help me answer on the attached Case Study "Kilgore vs Outback Steakhouse of Florida three questions that have to do with the attached PDF. 1) Do you consider the restaurant's pool tipping policy to be fair to the servers who received the tips? Explain. 2) Does the court's analysis make sense in the case, that if ho