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    Business Law

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    business law (using IRAC formula)

    Grant, Arthur, and David formed a partnership for the purpose of betting on boxing matches. Grant and Arthur would become friendly with various boxers and offer the bribes to lose certain bouts. David would then place large bets, using money contributed by all three, and would collect the winnings. After David had accumulated a

    Hammurabi Law Code

    Please help answer the following question. Include references in the solution. Discuss the Hammurabi Law Code, and analyze what it tells us about Mesopotamian society. What role did law play in this culture?

    Predatory Price Scheme

    William Inglis & Sons is a family-owned whole-sale bakery with production facilities in Stockton, California, that manufactured and distributed bread and rolls in northern California. ITT Continental is one of the nation's largest wholesale bakeries and was a competitor of Inglis in the northern California market. Both Inglis

    Merit of Sarbanes-Oxley Act: Improve Controls or Distraction

    Some feel that Sarbanes-Oxley Act was necessary to ensure public companies are following the appropriate internal control procedures, after the downfall of companies like Enron and Worldcom. While others feel that all of the extra rules have made the internal controls less effective because it is difficult to ensure all of the s

    Entrapment Situations

    1) In the future, how can you prevent yourself from being a victim of entrapment? 2) What situations of entrapment occur in the workplace and are never recognized or defined as such? 292 words plus a reference

    Calculating a subscription price

    Hoobastink Mfg. is considering a rights offer. The company has determined that the ex-rights price will be $61. The current price is $68 per share, and there are 10 million shares outstanding. The rights offer would raise a total of $60 million. What is the subscription price?

    Implied Warranty Damage

    Sherman Burrus, a job printer, purchased a printing press from the Itek Corporation for a price of $7,006.08. Before making the purchase, Burrus was assured by an Itek salesperson. Mr Nessel, that the press was appropriate for the type of printing Burrus was doing. Burrus encountered problems in operating the press almost contin

    Employment Law Doctrine

    What is the employment-at-will doctrine? Is the employment-at-will doctrine being eroded? 237 words, one reference

    Nevarro's Car Purchase from Brilles

    Brilles offered to sell his used automobile to Nevarro for $12,600 cash. Nevarro agreed to buy the car, gave Brilles a check for $12,600, and drove away in the car. The next day Nevarro sold the car for $13,000 to Hough, a bona fide purchaser. The $12,000 check was returned to Brilles by the bank in which he had deposited it bec

    What are the similarities and differences between personal property, real property, intangible property, and natural resources? Provide an example of each. Describe the cost recovery method used for each type of asset. The Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) uses a recovery period method and a convention to depreciate tangible personal property. Why are a recovery period and a convention important in calculating depreciation?

    What are the similarities and differences between personal property, real property, intangible property, and natural resources? Provide an example of each. Describe the cost recovery method used for each type of asset. The Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) uses a recovery period method and a convention to depreci

    case analysis for personal opinions

    Can you help me get started with this assignment? Consider Faragher v. City of Boca Raton and answer the following question: 1. Do you think there was a hostile workplace violation? 2. Do you think the conduct alleged by Faragher happens frequently in the workplace? 3. What did you think of the case?

    Case Analysis: Smith v. Store

    Please identify the legal issue and applicable rule and facts to the attached case. Smith v. Store Smith was a part-time checker for a store. During one particular sale, she and a customer, had a disagreement about the "sale" price of a particular item; the customer left her merchandise at the counter and went to check t

    Tort Scenarios: Identify potential plaintiffs and defendants to a tort lawsuit

    Scenario 1: Daniel and his son Ruben, age 8, go to a football game. The quarterback drops back to throw a pass, and is hit by an opposing player, breaking the quarterback's arm, and sending the ball into the stands, injuring a fan. The referee calls this an incomplete pass, which upsets Malik, a fan seated next to Ruben. Malik j

    Binding third party interest arbitration

    Some people have argued that binding third party interest arbitration should be required to resolve impasses over all contracts (new or renewed contracts). They claim this would be equitable and avoid the social costs of strikes. Evaluate this proposal. What is your opinion? 348 words

    Business Formation and Choice of Entity

    1. Two brothers would like to form a small retail business. They would like your advice in structuring the business. They have heard that there are various options such as a corporation, a partnership or a sub-chapter S Corporation and would like to know the advantages and disadvantages of each form. Include both tax and non-ta

    Business law - Hochster v. De La Tour

    Read Hochster v. De La Tour 1. Was Hochster required to file an action for breach of contract immediately upon being notified that De La Tour was repudiating? 2. What reasons support the nonbreaching party's right to institute an action immediately when there is an anticipatory breach? 3. How long does the breaching party h

    Business Law question

    Jenkins v. Eckerd Corporation questions: 1. After reading the case, explain the Parole Evidence Rule. 2. Have you ever been the victim of a parole evidence rule violation? 3. Do you agree with the parole evidence rule? Explain.

    Short answer questions

    1. What are some differences to the employer between having employees and independent contractors working for him? 2. Religion is protected by Title Vll. What does an employer have to do to meet a religious need of an employee? What is this standard called? 3. What is Affirmative Action? How is it different from Title Vll emp

    Public Procurement Contracts: What constitutes force majeure?

    Force majeure is a universally adopted provision in procurement contracts. What constitutes force majeure? Further, termination of public procurement contracts is also not uncommon. What are the common grounds for the termination of a public procurement contract? Can warranties be enforced?

    Regulatory bodies

    Of the several regulatory bodies, which has the most effect on companies? Why? Do both public and nonpublic or not-for-profit organizations comply with the regulations of all regulatory bodies? Why or why not? Are there gray areas? How do companies assure compliance with regulations? How does your company comply? Any thoughts on