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    Negotiating with Difficult Customers/Arbitration

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    1. You are negotiating with a customer you cannot afford to lose. They are ready to walk out the door and you have already applied the principles of negotiating to no avail. What do you do next? Is there anything else you can do to salvage the customer for your company?

    2. You and your opponent cannot come to agreement on the issues. You suggest finding an impartial third party to settle the dispute. What questions would you ask the neutral third party? How would you convince your opponent that your selection is the correct one?

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    Hi: Happy to help. In negotiations sometimes our pride or emotions get in the way. One gets so involved in the process that it becomes difficult to separate emotion and fact. When the bottom line is that you cannot afford to lose the customer it is particularly difficult. In cases like this, most often the customer is aware of their power and uses it to further negotiate their position. The best solution in this case is honesty. One must sit down and tell the customer directly that his business is invaluable to your company, and you want to make sure you continue to have a relationship. Then ask the ...

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    This solution includes detail instruction on negotiating with difficult customers, and in the event an agreement cannot be made how to select a third party to help arbitrate.