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Business Law

Public Policy: Acme Construction

1. a. What public policy underlies the doctrine of implied-in-law contracts? b. Is this a "good" or "bad" policy, in your opinion? 2. a. Go to and review the extensive material on contracts. Explain at least 3 ways in which the information contained on this website can assist businesses with issues

Compare and contrast the difference between civil and criminal Law

Compare and contrast in this "discussion "the difference between Civil Law and Criminal Law. For example: The Plaintiff brings the Cause of Action in Civil Court verses the Government bringing the Cause of Action in a Criminal Trial. Is there a trial by Jury in Civil and Criminal Cases? In a Civil Case the Burden of Pr

Long term contracts: Profit - Percentage of completion, completed contract method

1. Long term construction contract In accounting for long term construction contracts (those taking longer than one year to complete), the two methods commonly followed are percentage of completion and completed contract. a. Discuss how earnings on long term construction contracts are recognized and computed under these tw

Ethical Considerations of Pharmaceutical Company

A pharmaceutical company has developed a cure for cancer. They put it on the market and cure thousands of people. Their ongoing research, however, shows that it is not universally effective and that some who could be receiving other kinds of treatment, die as they wait to see if the drug will work. Also, as many as 7% of those w

Hot Cars, Inc., is a retail car dealership based in Any State, U.S.A.

Hot Cars, Inc., is a retail car dealership based in Any State, U.S.A. Hot Cars ran an ad that stated that 2002 models were on sale for 10% over invoice. Small print indicated that some restrictions and costs may apply. Hot Cars ran a separate ad for a 2000 model truck, which was identified by its VIN. The ad listed the sales pri

Current Status of Lawsuits Against The Tobacco Industry

Summarizes the current status of the lawsuits against the tobacco industry. Make sure your paper answers the following questions: 1. What is the legal basis for most of the current lawsuits? Negligence? Product Liability? Breach of Contract? 2. What are the defenses being argued by the tobacco industry? 3. Are the lawsuits

Legal liability for incorrect financial statements and option back-dating: SOX

The board has collectively signed off on the last set of financial statements for the corporation, despite some concerns by in-house and external accountants about the accuracy of some of the data. After all, it is time for many of the management staff and a few of the board members to receive stock options from the company. Man

Does the new contract align the incentives of the new VP with the goals of owners?

The owners of a small manufacturing concern have hired a manager to run the company with the expectation that he will buy the company after five years. Compensation of the new vice president (manager) is a flat salary plus 75% of the first $150,000 of profit, and then 10% of profit over $150,000. Purchase price for the company

Employment Law Overview in CANADA

Prepare a paper in which you describe the current day environment of employment law in CANADA. Be sure to address the following areas: a. Interviewing and hiring practices b. Protecting employer assets (e.g., Intellectual Property/Capital--IP) c. Impact of Internet (e.g., telecommuting) and globalization d. Workplace

Taxation: Benton Company (BC) tax calculations

Benton Company (BC) has one owner, who is in the 35% Federal income tax bracket. BC's gross income is $200,000 and its ordinary trade or business deductions are $97,000. Compute the tax liability on BC's income for 2007 under the following assumptions: A) BC is operated as a proprietorship, and the owner withdraws $70,000

Waldo's Duty to Mitigate

Waldo washes windows with Worldwide Window Washers.Waldo has just before the second year of a 2-year contract that pays him $30,000 per year. Even though Waldo has performed his job perfectly, he was suddenly told that his contract was being terminated. Waldo was offered a couple of other jobs shortly after this contract was ter

Signs a written consulting agreement...

In December, 2001, Mark signs a written consulting agreement for the period of January, 2002, through May, 2003. Th contract is gong well, so on June 15, 2002, the parties orally agree to extend the arrangement by 4 months through September 2003. In October 2002, the client tells Mark that the 4-month extension will not be honor

Local law paper

3. Local Law Paper (Contracts/Civil Law Business Law). Prepare a 700-1,050-word paper in which you describe the fundamentals of Business and Contract Law in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, according to the cases presented. In your paper, there must be reference to the specific facts of the cases portrayed, issues solved and l

Non-Compete Clause question

I am an executive for TNT corp who works in the bottling business. Within your company you use a high tech machine that produces the bottles you sell. One of your project teams just came up with a big idea to modify the machine and cut cost of production. This breakthrough is shared with high-level management. My company has

Eric is member of LLC which invests in real estate. Did he violate a duty?

Eric is a member of a manager-managed LLC but is not a manager. This LLC invests in real estate and manages it as rental property in a college town. Eric has made several recommendations to the managers regarding property that he considers to be a good buy. Eric, however, seldom performed even the slightest investigation of the

Legal restrictions in International Business for a certain types of technology

Details: In an effort to expand its specialty chemical business into the growing markets in Asia and the People's Republic of China, several board members made a goodwill trip to the People's Republic of China to meet with foreign ministers and to pave the way for expansion into the marketplace. Each board member carried one of

Decision-maker memo: CadMex

Can you give me some help with this assignment? I just need to find a good starting point: Prepare a 1,050-1,750-word memo addressing the decision-maker in the simulation for each of the following: 1) Identify potential conflicts between Cad Mex Pharma's legal rights and ethical duties. 2) Using the simulation as an examp

"Legal Issues in Reduction of Workforce" simulation

I need help getting started on this assignment. I have to run the "Legal Issues in Reduction of Workforce" Simulation and then I need to prepare a 1,050-1,750-word paper in which I do the following: a. Identify, using a paragraph or two for each of the five candidates for dismissal, the key concepts of employment law that w

Regulatory & compliance requirements and legal principles

Pete has called the abuse hotline to report he is being forced to work in a dangerous situation. Pete works for TNT and they hired him as a maintenance technician to fix equipment. TNT wants Pete to fix an industrial shredder. Pete claims that the shedder is in a tight corner that makes it unsafe and the vibrations of the shredd

Liabilites and Legal Principles

TNT has hired Tom in the electrical section. After Tom was hired he began a dating relationship with Karin. After weeks pass the relationship turns bad and they have confrontation at the work place. After their relationship ended, Tom continued touching Karin in an unwelcomed way even though Karin continued telling Tom to stop.

Liability, Rights, and Legal Principles

TNT Corporation hired Jason Black as a manager to maintain leased office space units. Jason supervised 30 employees and low-level managers. For this position, Jason moved from D.C. to Dallas TX selling his home and moving his family. After being on the job for 3 months his boss said things seemed not to be working out. They

Employment law: Jack's 'at will' status and subsequent termination

I am a middle manager for a trucking company with the ability to hire and fire people in an "at will" state. I have an employee named Jack who has repeatedly been written up for poor job performance, dinking on the job, and verbally reprimanded for poor job performance. I have never threatened to fire him. Jack tells me one day

Sundown Community Hospital: Discuss 'at will' employment and Jane's termination

Jane recently started working for Sundown Community Hospital in the claims/billing department. Her duties included preparing and submitting Medicare/Medicaid claims for payment. Shortly after being hired Jane discovered irregularities which were potentially illegal billings to Medicare. When she raised the issue to her superv

True Auditor Independence

Is true auditor independence possible? What kinds of actions, if any, do we take in our organizations to achieve a functional level of auditor independence? Is compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley enough? Or, does SOX go overboard in requiring needless procedures and costs? Would we be better to require less auditing and l

Define a Sole Proprietorship: creation, ownership, challenges, concerns

Questions on a Sole Proprietorship What is one? Who can I own one? How do you form positive things and what challenges would you face? If I want to create a Sole Proprietorship how would I do it? What would be the best thing to do? What concerns would you have? What does it take to create that business organizati

Compare Puerto Rico and US Federal Judiciary System

Puerto Rico and Federal Judiciary Paper. Prepare a paper in which you describe and compare the judiciary of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and of the United States, at federal level, according to both constitutions and judiciary acts. You shall demonstrate that you understand both court system's structure and hierarchy.

Contract, Legal Risk & opportunities between software company and bank

Company A is a software development company. Company B is a large industrial bank. The bank (company B) has hired the software company (A) to create a software system to run all financial programs in the bank. The software company was given 1 year to complete the job. 8 months into the project the software company is behind thei