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Contract Management Maturity Model

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Discuss Chapter 13 (The Contract Management Maturity Model) of Gregory A. Garrett, World Class Contracting 4th ed.
Support your position through meaningful discussion.

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The Contract Management Maturity Model of Garret claims that it provides maturity assessments at the program office level as well as the contract management functional level. The model lists five levels of maturity ranging from level 1, which is an ad hoc level to Level 5 which adopts lessons learned and best practices. The model is based on the premise that contract management is a process and continuous improvement in that is possible (1).
The model correctly points out that organizations rely on critical services and production contracts for maintaining their competitive advantage. However, the model makes several assumptions that are not acceptable. For instance, the model assumes that organizations at the initial level (Level1) merely acknowledge that contract management processes exists ...

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