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    Support truths taught to children: Constitutional right

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    The things on the following list are wrong but have been taught as truths to children in schools and have been announced as true by politicians and the media who want to manipulate you and control your life and pull your strings as if you are a puppet.

    Your assignment is to find one or more of the things on the list that you believe to be true...but then set about to prove yourself wrong. Yes, prove yourself wrong because if you believe anything on this list to be true.... you are wrong and you need to learn the facts and those facts that you dig out on your own will be the beginning of your adventure of realizing you don't know what you think you know and you don't really think what you think you think. This thread will go on for a while so just keep having fun with it.

    You have a Constitutional right to vote for president

    The Constitution of the US gives you rights.

    Oil is a fossil fuel and is the result of decayed dinosaurs and plants and we are going to run out of it.

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    I will take on the first two since they are almost interchangeable in their lack of validity. The people are the ones with rights and since the Constitution was meant to form, outline, and give rights to the government, and it was formed by the people, it could hardly give them what they already had, which are rights. While some areas of the Constitution are taken as giving the people rights, it is actually just reiterating or clarifying what those rights are. The Bill of Rights reiterates the right to such ...

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    The expert supports and refutes truths taught to children with constitutional rights.