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Business Law

Title VII violations

What policies should companies have in place to avoid violations of Title VII and its amendments?

Law - Unemployment Compensation

Other retail businesses in the mall in which your sports shoes shop is located have decided to open on Sundays from 12 noon to 6 P.M. You decide to follow suit, but two of your employees refuse to go along, saying it is against their religious beliefs to work on the Sabbath. You terminate their employment. They apply for unemplo

It seems that some Leaders have become complacent about their Integrity since the Enron and Worldcom years. Despite Codes of Conduct and Sarbanes/Oxley, Leaders still need watch their Integrity.

I went through many leadership programs, seminars, books, articles and other leadership products. I found many of these well meaning but lacked capturing the complex context in which leaders live. I found that the best leadership lessons were learned from experience, the key lesson is the absolute importance of Integrity. I

Life insurance contract from terminally ill client

P3-46. The viatical industry offers a rather grim example of present value concepts. A firm in this business, called a viator, purchases the rights to the benefits from a life insurance contract from a terminally ill client. The viator may then sell claims on the insurance payout to other investors. The industry began in the ear

Pete's Pizza employs Quincy as a delivery driver.

I need help to answer these questions. Q#1 Pete's Pizza employs Quincy as a delivery driver. Pete's guarantees that an order will be delivered within thirty minutes or there is no charge, and insists that its drivers meet the limit. One night, while making a delivery, Quincy is caught in a traffic jam. To deliver the pizza

Legal Interview Questions

Legal Interview Questions State each question in column below as Legal Question / Illegal Question 1 Are you a US Citizen? 2 Where were you/your parents born? 3 Are you authorized to work in the US? 4 What is your "native tongue"? 5 What languages do you read/speak/write f

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002

Please help me so that I can complete the following: The chief financial officer at Barrington is concerned if the new accounting information system is compliant with the new laws enacted by the U.S. Congress, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. The CFO has requested that you and your team research

Employment Discrimination Laws

Employment Discrimination Laws Develop a hypothetical/write a STORY that involves an employer breaking an anti-discrimination law (or two). Your story should be about half a page in length. After your story, Identify at least two issues that violate Federal employment laws. Write the numbers "1" and "2" before each issue y

Do most organizations act as a system?

Do most organizations act as a system? How many people in the organization need to see it as a system for systems thinking to work? If you use any references, please provide them. Thank you for your help.

Development of Legal Concepts in the 20th Century

The last half of the 20th century saw development of the legal concepts that we know as EEO, Affirmative Action, Sexual (and other protected class) Harassment, and several related ideas. Near the end of the century, we saw court decisions that recognized the rights of those who were adversely affected by the implementation of th

Articles of incorporation-Business law

"An LLC is formed by delivering articles of incorporation to the office of the secretary of state of the state of organization for filing". In this assignment, form an LLC for the shoe company you started in week four. You will form an LLC by writing your articles of incorporation. Please NUMBER each line of your arti

Sarbanes-Oxley Act

What is the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. What is its current status? Have there been any changes? What do executives think of it now? What impact has it had? I need a minimum of two sources along with the answer... Please properly cite and reference the sources using APA format.(min 2 please) Only 200 words, not to much longer...

LLC-Business Law

LLC's! This week's discussion is about LLC's. What does it take to form one and what are the advantages? Why might an LLC be a better form than an "S" corporation? What are the differences? What are the overall advantages to an LLC?


The Harvard review argues;"In the New Economy there will inevitably be an increasing number of markets with only a few dominant players." Why would that be so? Are we mistaken in pursuing Microsoft and other "new economy" giants with "old economy" antitrust principles? Please explain

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act

What I don't understand Under the Fair Labor Standards Act way of thinking and forgive me for saying ripping people off...... those who receive a tips usually don't make enough of money.... and when does a "tip" go from being a gift or gratuity to being classified as wages? Do you think or agree that employers should have the

Antitrust law - vehicle for protecting small businesses

Scholar and jurist Richard Posner argues, The protection of small business whatever its intrinsic merit cannot be attained within the framework of antitrust principles and procedures. The small businessman is, in general, helped rather than hurt by monopoly, so unless the antitrust laws are stood completely on their head they

Business law: Accepting gifts

Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 100 words in the solution. Your company has a 100 million dollar contract to award to a vendor. The choice is between company A and company B. You provide your input to your boss who makes the final decision and chooses company B. At a congratulatory dinner, while maki