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    Business Law

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    MGT/434 - Employment Law. I need help answering these 3 questions.

    1. Is affirmative action in government jobs, schools, contracts, and programs required, necessary or even useful at this time? In your response, please consider the issue of reverse discrimination. If you want to look at how the state of Florida handled the removal of preferences in higher education, surf the web for the "Flori

    music sharing on the internet

    Copyright law prevents copying original works, such as music, without the permission of the owner of the copyright (usually the creator of the work). Should music sharing on the internet be subject to the prohibitions of copyright law?

    Why the Price of Bananas is Higher

    Your friend has asked you why the price of bananas is higher during certain times of the year. Using what you have learned about the laws of supply and demand, explain to your friend how the market affects price.

    Accounting Law Question

    Lucy had been selling her exciting new product for a couple of years when she was approached by her neighbor, Wanda, who asked if she could sell for Lucy, inasmuch as she was a professional salesperson and could help out in the evenings and on weekends. She also said that she had a few thousand dollars that she "would like to pu

    Holder in Due Course

    Sharon owes Irma $500.00 for a small loan Irma gave to Sharon six months ago. Sharon has just received a check made payable to her from the Ajax Company, for work Sharon performed for Ajax. She endorses the check and writes on the back of the check, "Pay to the Order of Irma." She gives the check to Irma in payment of her indebt

    Accounting Law Question

    Chloe and Cal have been dating steadily for the last year. Unbeknownst to Chloe, Cal purchases a diamond engagement ring for Chloe with plans to give it to her during a vacation at a resort. One night they are walking on the beach. Cal has the diamond ring in his pocket. Chloe decides she wants to take a midnight swim and,

    Employment Discrimination: Example Question

    Explain this statement: while all types of employment discrimination might be ethically or morally wrong, all forms of employment discrimination are not illegal. Give the legal reasons for your answer. Your answer should not exceed 100 words.

    Acme Life Insurance Company liability

    The Acme Life Insurance Company sends out 5,000 emails to prospective customers to announce that it has just hired Frank Unctious as its newest sales representative. Joan receives one of the emails and, being in the market for life insurance, calls Frank to set up an appointment. Frank stops by her house, and they discuss life

    Accounting Law Question

    Joan is 80 years old and expects to die within the next six months. She wants to make sure her favorite niece, Sally, gets her diamond ring. While visiting one day, Joan says to Sally, "I want you to have my ring when I die, so I will keep it hidden under the rug for you. After I'm gone, come on by and get it." Sally says, "I ac

    Accounting Law Question

    Michael and Lisa were married in 1980 and immediately moved into a house that was titled in Michael's name only. In 1982, Lisa gave birth to a son and, two years later, she gave birth to another son. The family of four continued to live in the same house that was in Michael's name and everything seemed to be fine. One Sunday

    Drilling in the Alaskan Wilderness

    I would really appreciate your help with this. Case # 82: DRILLING IN THE ALASKAN WILDERNESS Category: Environmental ethics Drilling for oil in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) has been a source of contention among policy makers for years. In 1980 Congress expanded ANWR by 9.5 million acres, with 1.

    Compelling Case

    Suppose you were asked to assemble the facts in a case, which you know will eventually go before a judge, arbitrator, or other decision maker. You know exactly nothing about the eventual decision-maker. What would you do to make your side of the case as compelling as possible? How would you handle it if you had doubts about

    Employment Law

    1. Based upon you experiences in life, discuss your view of the current state of the legal environment of employment (using any new legal terminology you have learned) in our country trying to use your home state law if possible. Make sure you address the issue of whether and under what circumstances employees should expect to

    Business Law...No right or wrong answer...

    Direction: Two small paragraphs... 1. Find an article online relating to a consumer or environmental legal issue or real estate or land use policy. 2. Summarize the article in your post in 1 paragraph. 3. Then, in one tell us how you responded to this article, what your opinion is about this article, and/or any further


    Analyze current issues related to employment discrimination that HR managers need to be aware of, and discuss a set of recommended actions for HR managers to help them ensure on an ongoing basis that their organization is not engaging in such discrimination. This focuses on discrimination.

    Intellectual Property (IP) rights

    With the increasing movement of Western countries towards knowledge-based economies, more and more companies look towards their patent portfolios as a source of revenue. Thus the risks associated with the use of new technology are increasing and many companies are prepared to resort to litigation to enforce their Intellectual P

    Law of the Internet

    Courts around the world are creating Internet law right now that is quite interesting to watch. Unlike other areas of commerce that can turn to historical traditions to help settle disputes and guide the development of the law, the law of the Internet has no history to fall back on. Cyber law is instead being developed by judges

    Lost, Misplaced and Abandoned Property

    In 1943, During World War II, a Navy TBD-1 Devastator crashed eight miles of the coast of Florida. The entire crew survived and there is no indication that any efforts were made to locate the plane by the Navy. Collector Doug Champlin, the owner of an airplane museum in Arizona, spent approximately $130,000.00 to recover the pla

    Digital Rights Management

    By reading about Digital Rights Management (DRM) - I think NAPSTER falls within that category. They charge a monthly fee to "rent" the music and the walkman, or ipod needs to be physically plugged in and logged onto NAPSTER once a month to "phone home." Without checking in once a month, the music downloaded on the device is n

    Law question on how the constitution affects business

    Describe the role of the United States Constitution and the United States legal system in business regulation.If I could get at least one good reference that I could learn more about the subject I would appreciate it.

    Local Law: Employer-employee relationship in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

    See the attached file. 3. Local Law Paper: Employer-employee relationship in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Prepare a paper in which you describe the employer-employee relationship in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the differences between the "employment at will" doctrine in the states and its application according to

    Business Law question for Business Entity Regulations

    I need to complete an essay and cover the following information. I have researched for a few days now but can't seem to find the information. Do you have any suggestions on the websites that would have this information? 1. Business Entity Regulations Paper Prepare a description of business entity regulations in your state

    IBM plants: Have provisions of the Equal Pay Act been violation?

    IBM has two manufacturing facilities-one in New York City and one in Evergreen, Oklahoma. Marjorie has worked in the Oklahoma plant for 15 years assembling resistors. Her sister, Ellen, has worked at the same plant for 15 years also. The two sisters have similar educational qualifications and skills. Their brother, Hank, has

    Business Law Questions

    1. Should the law intervene to protect online privacy and security? Is self-regulation by industry sufficient? Debate. 2. Assume that you are the responsible officer of a corporation and one of the employees comes to you with an idea for a unique toilet flush. He wants to patent it. Prepare a checklist of steps and requiremen

    Investment banker acting as an "underwriter"

    1. When an investment banker acts as an "underwriter" he (Points: 3) gives a "firm commitment" to purchase the securities from the corporation at a set price. the company suffers a decline in earnings after taxes. may sell as many securities as possible and return the rest unsold. may give

    Business Law powerpoint - Jimmy Rogers

    Jimmy Rogers, one of your clients, wants to start a small business in Florida. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation to outline for him the complete checklist of start up requirements and the appropriate government agencies to work with when starting a small business. You can look at the Web site of the Florida Government for t