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Business Law


I need help with the following: on the following: Copyright Infringement Patent Infringement Trademark Infringement

IP Discussion Question

Discuss Intellectual property and its significance on the Internet In your discussion, discuss how these relate to the Internet and Intellectual property A. Copyrights B. Trademarks C. Patents D. Domain names E. International aspects of intellectual property F. Contracts Please use your own words to discuss the abo

Tort Law

If a security guard a local store detains an individual whom they suspect of shoplifting however, when the authorities arrive approximate 10 minutes later the female is searched and no merchandise is found is that considered emotional distress. I read that many states do not recognize negligent emotional distress - only intenti

Business law

What is the pretrial process and where does the burden of proof lie in a negligence suit or does it depend of jurisdiction?

Tort law

After researching (task below) I would think that the following would fall under tort law - negligence tort/assumption of risk. However I am somewhat gray in the area of causation. Also another question - in some sports activities (such as church, work, university and other leagues utilize a waiver as an attempt to reduce thei

Ergonomic Injury and Preventing Further Workplace Injuries

Please identify and describe a scenario that involves an ergonomic injury and determine guidelines to prevent further injuries in the work setting. Please cover the explanation how the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety & Health Administration's criteria for ergonomic injuries might apply to the scenario. Thank you.

Age related rights and Discrimination

Please identify and describe a case in which an employer's activities were restricted due to age related rights of employees. Be sure to explain how the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's criteria for age discrimination applies to the case. I would like references to the case please. Thank you

Business Law

If an individual is injured playing a recreational game of baseball by a wild pitch that requires him to seek medical attention is the pitcher liable for the damages? I would not feel that the league would be liable due to the following: "The injuries were the result of a risk inherent in the sport of baseball, and are barre

The Greatest Colas Board of Directors Case Study

The Greatest Colas Board of Directors read your article in EOA's monthly magazine and was duly impressed. As a result, they wish to create a company wide focus on ethics, but they do not know where to begin and are seeking your guidance. They want to understand on what to base a corporate ethics education policy. The Board asks

Criminal Law

Identify the type of crime committed in each of the following examples. Indicate if the crime is a misdemeanor, or a felony. You will do much of the research for any felonies. Explain which cases you will research, as a result. Will you have a heavy or light research load these next months? Three securities brokers agree in

Legal Environment of Business Questions (5)

1. Do you believe that we have too much, just enough, or too little regulation of business in this country? Explain your answer. 2. Can businesses properly self-regulate in lieu of governmental regulation? As examples, consider motion picture ratings done by the MPAA and airline deregulation. 3. How does the Sarbanes-Oxley

Business law

What are the elements of a contract? Define and explain them. Are each of them necessary? If it were up to you, would you add to the elements necessary to complete a valid contract? Delete any elements? Why?

Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) was designed to protect workers with disabilities against employer discrimination. In actual practice, how well does the Act achieve this goal? Explain. Please support with examples from recent court decisions.

Wrongful Termination and Sexual Harassment

Mr. Thomas, a 10 year executive with XYZ Corporation, continued to engage his secretary in a conversation regarding the female body part that was a subject of a recent television program, even after she indicated she did not wish to discuss it further. Mr. Thomas subsequently copied a page from a dictionary containing the name o

Sexual Harassment Plan

Draft a performance action plan for a company to follow when providing discipline in response to complaints of sexual harassment. Use the Internet or other Web resources if needed.

Business Law

If a group of securities brokers agree throughout a conversation to sell a specific stock aggressively and then they sell their own share at a profit after the share price increases to a certain dollar - is that considered insider trading which is a felony crime? After all, they were selling stock for illegal purposes so to spe

Texas Homestead Exemption Case Analysis

Many of the original settlers in Texas were debtors fleeing from creditors in other states. As a result, Texas bankruptcy laws generously protect a debtor's "homestead" from being seized by creditors. A "homestead" under Texas law can be as large as one acre in an urban area or 200 acres in a rural area. As a result of this exem

Recruitment Process Questionnaire

Use the internet or other Web resources to develop a questionnaire that managers will use when they are interviewing applicants. The name of the position that the candidates will be interviewing for At least 12 permissible questions that will be asked to all candidates. A summary of illegal questions that should never be

Technology Escrow: Intellectual Property Management

I am working with a study team to market a new product campaign for Technology Escrow: Intellectual Property Management for a national bank chain. One of the pieces I am struggling with is in the identification of ethical challenges that the bank would face in creating a campaign for this new service. I am struggling with thi

Business Law

I am unfortunatley somewhat confused on this topic. For instance, let's say you are a passing motorist and stop to give first aid to an individual that was a victim of a motor vehicle accident. Unfortunately, that person passes due to their injuries. Are you responsible? I was reading up on tort laws and was somewhat confu

Website Usage Clauses, Disclaimers, and Warranties Legal Issues

Draft an agreement for a website so as to limit and reduce the possibilities of litigation from unsatisfied customers and from other affected parties (celebrities, media companies, politicians, etc.). The agreement should include Usage Clauses, Disclaimers, and Warranties where necessary.


1. Before the UCC and UCITA, what was one of the first, and most significant, of the U.S. government's attempts to promote uniformity in commercial laws from state to state? (hint: think of commerce and constitution.) 2. Based on the info presented above, what do you see as the major differences between article 2 of the unifo

Rights of privacy

Under what conditions does a private person lose rights to privacy and publicity? How do these compare with the privacy rights of a public figure like a politician or someone holding government office? In your opinion, for individuals and for public figures, are the existing laws lax or strict? For example, would it be legal to

Public Domain

According to the Copyright Act, when does a creation enter the public domain? An inventor may gift his invention to the public. For example, the early developers of software for the Internet placed their work in the public domain immediately. Discuss the implications of such acts. Also research the Internet to find incidents


A type of ADR in which an appeal to court is possible. A law that requires that a particular type of contract be in writing is called a: Legally enforceable promise.

Bond forward contract: What is the current value of the forward contract?

A certain 10-year bond is currently selling for $920. A friend of yours owns a forward contract of this bond that has a delivery date in 1 year and a delivery price of $940. The bond pays coupons of $80 every 6 months, with one due months form now and another just before maturity of the forward. The current interest rates for 6

Risk and Economy

What types of recommendations would you make with a view to managing legal and political risk in a transition economy?