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Business Law

Multiple choice questions on business law.

Give suggestions for the following law questions: 1. Which of the following statements is true? a. If one has entered into a contract, one is obligated to fully perform one's obligations under the contract, even if it becomes impossible to do so. b. One must perform all promises made under a contract, even if performance su

Business Law

1. Which of the following statements are true? I. The US Constitution contains many prohibitions against government regulation, and many of these are contained in the Bill of Rights, which consists of the first 10 Amendment to the Constitution. II. The US Constitution is the highest source of law in the United States. a.

Legal issues: right-of-way across Kay's property; American Manufacturing Company (AMC) what legal relationship is it; Does Barb acquire Ellen's HDC rights in the note;tenants in common;ground(s) L

1. John owns an orchard behind Kay's house and property. The only access to the orchard is Kay's driveway, which John has used for years to get to his land. John sells the orchard to Lee. Can Lee use the right-of-way across Kay's property? Discuss. 2. American Manufacturing Company (AMC) requires that its employees w

Contract law

Grocery has a written contract with Cereal, Inc. to purchase 20 cases of cereal per month at $22 per case. The contract does not state the types of cereal or how the 20 cases will be divided up between Grocery's 20 stores in Any State. After a "twenty-year" flood, Cereal suffers severe water damage in its warehouse. With the exc

Moral and legal duties

What are some examples of where moral duties and legal duties differ? Give some examples.

Preliminary Injunction

What is a preliminary injunction? What are the factors that a court must consider when deciding whether to grant a preliminary injunction?

Legal issues with internet business

Explain how ethical, legal and regulartory issues influence the internet and how business is impacted. Give examples from the internet to support.

Business and the Bill of Rights & Torts Relating to Business

1. What is the major difference between business speech and political speech? 2. Closely regulated industries are not afforded all Fourth Amendment guarantees against unreasonable search and seizure. Is this fair, or is it necessary to protect the greater good? 3. After briefing this case on Business and the Bill of Rights do

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Should the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act apply to multinational companies requiring them to comply with the act when oversees? Why of why not? Look into the action taken in 2005 regarding anti- corruption.

Proposals on public accomodation in the workplace

For a research paper, I had to pick two disabilities and ways to accomodate them for individuals. the two disabilities I chose were: the blind not having an accomodation for using the internet, and secondly, smoking in restaurants (even though there is non smoking, people still get the smoke) those with lung problems still suff

Disability Discrimination in Public Accommodations

Research a management dilemma over a legal issue affecting managers (disability discrimination in public accommodations) and then talk about the: Proposals, Value Judgments, Assumptions, Ethics of Purpose.

Rights issue

4) The Riley Corporation currently has 100,000 shares outstanding that are selling at $50 per share. It needs to raise $900,000. Net income after taxes is $500,000. Its vice president of finance and its investment banker have decided on a rights offering, but are not sure how much to discount the subscription price from the

Workers Exploitation, Compensation and OSHA

To what extent should American companies take advantage of laws permitting exploitation of workers? What ethical justification(s) would they have for following your recommendation? What business reasons do they have for not exploiting workers (i.e., how will it lead to profits)?

Implied Warranty of Merchantability

Steven Taterka purchased a 1972 Ford Mustang from a Ford dealer in January 1972. In October 1974, after Taterka had put 75,000 miles on the car and Ford's express warranty had expired, he discovered that the taillight assembly gaskets on his Mustang had been installed in such a way that water was permitted to enter the taillight

Breach of contract

Allandale Farm, Inc., employed Koch from 1988 through 1997 as the person in charge of farming. Koch was hired for "permanent employment," subject to his ability to make the farm profitable. His compensation included salary and the right to occupy a house located adjacent to the farm, and certain performance-related bonuses. On J

Reasonable person standard

Ludmila Hresil and her niece were shopping at a Sears retail store. There were few shoppers in the store at the time. Hresil spent about ten minutes in the store's women's department, where she observed no other shoppers. After Hresil's niece completed a purchase in another part of the store, the two women began to walk through

False Imprisonment

Early in 1994, a K-Mart manager notified K-Mart's Birmingham, Alabama stores that Deborah Cameron and Sonja Perdue had repeatedly returned merchandise without receipts and had been given cash refunds. The manager also stated his belief that Cameron and Perdue had shoplifted the merchandise for which they had obtained supposed "r

Valuing Intellectual Property

The late 1990s saw the rise of corporate valuations arising from ownership of various forms of intellectual property, rather than the traditional value arising from production and sale of goods or services. Prepare a management brief for Acme's upper management group on the current state of valuing intellectual property.

Tort case

My sister-in-law, Babs, just had a very traumatic experience (of course, it doesn't take much to turn her into a basket case). To say that she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth would be an understatement. I have to admit that I'm a little jealous of how easy a life she seems to have. I just can't figure out how she m

Intellectual property rights

Why does the United States seem to place such emphasis on intellectual property rights when so many countries pay no attention to them? Should we?

International transactions

1. Discuss the issues involved in resolving legal disputes in international transactions. 2. What are some practical considerations of taking legal action against a foreign business partner based in another country? 3. When the local customers and laws conflict with the customs and laws of an organization operating abroad

Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) for Non-Profit Organizations

SARBANES-OXLEY ACT The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, often called SOX, is legislation that establishes standard practices in financial management for publicly traded corporations. Although the Act does not regulate nonprofit organizations, it has already had a tremendous impact on the way the third sector handles financial matters.

Long-term incentives

Describe the long-term incentive programs used in the healthcare industry. Clearly state the key elements essential for its success. Identify programs that are used mainly for the senior executives in an organization. Research various long-term programs that are used in an organization. Examine key elements essential for

Business Law

Will someone help me to understand these problems? I need to know what the issues are, the rule/law, application & conclusion drawn. Thanks. 7. Diana is up for promotion to Sales Manager at West Coast Products. The company presently has 12 female sales managers and 10 male sales managers. Diana is turned down for the prom

Agency Law, Business Organizations, Partnerships & Corporations

Is anyone able to help with these? Thanks. BUTLER: The Butler Telephone Company Inc. (Butler), contracted with the Sandidge Construction Company (Sandidge) to lay 18 miles of telephone cable in a rural area. In the contract, Butler reserved the right to inspect the work for compliance with the terms of the contract. Butle