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Business Law

Risk management and three legal issues: best pitcher hits his wife at a local club

I need help with the question and this little scenario. As the risk manager for a baseball team, your best pitcher hit his wife at a local club. The team needs his services, but the city and the risk manager are appalled by his criminal condut. The team is flooded with calls as to how the matter is going to be handled and what i

Business Law Case Question: Implied and Express Warranties

[Bell Sports, Inc. v Yarusso~ 759 A.2d 582 (Del. 2000)] NOTE: THIS IS A Implied and Express Warranties NOT product liability case In 1991, Brian Yarusso catapulted over the handlebars on his off-road motorcycle while traveling over a series of dirt moguls at a dirt motocross track in Newark, Delaware. He landed on his h

The History and Evolution of Federal Employment Laws

Employment Law Paper Discuss specific employment situations and issues you have encountered. (I am a owner of a manufacturing company) Include what you know about employment conflicts, questions, grievances, lawsuits, etc., by an acquaintance or yourself. Analyze the experienced employment situation and describe the legal ac

Business Law

Chapter 10 3. Calvin Roach, a native -born American of Acadian descent, was fired by Dresser Industrial. Roach claimed that he was fired because of his "Acadian" national origin ("Cajun" descent)and his association with Dresser employees of the same origin. Employer claims that, since there is not and never was such a county

Business Law

Chapter 6 1. A female restaurant employee is on the phone in the kitchen talking to her mother. The chef of the restaurant comes up to the employee, throws off his chef's hat, grabs both the employees arm and begins shaking her violently and screaming at her. She reports this to the police. She is later terminated a sues f

Business Law

What is the importance of the 14th Amendment? explain. (300 + words)

Law of Contracts vs. the Universal Commercial Code

Given what you are learning about the law of contracts v. the UCC, why do you think all 50 states have adopted the Model UCC in some form or another? What are the benefits and detriments to the UCC replacing the traditional law of contracts?

Ethics Dilemma - Business Law

Clean Life, Inc. (CLI) is a world-wide manufacturer of health and beauty products. CLI has a new product, Pure and Innocent Soap, that it is ready to roll out in the market and CLI expects that when the full roll out is complete, Pure and Innocent Soap will generate revenues of over $5B per year. CLI plans to spend $100M on m

American law

Discuss the sources of American law: -constitution -statutes and ordinances -commercial law codes (a)codification of commercial law (b)uniform commercial code

Business Law

Are alternative dispute resolution systems a real improvement over the more traditional litigation processes, or are they only a crutch that is favored when the traditional litigation becomes too costly or lengthy? If traditional courts became more responsive, would arbitration go away? Should it?

Business Law

What is the relationship between "fair" and "law"? Does one influence the other? Does public opinion play a role in how the courts (especially the Supreme Court of the U.S. ) interpret the law? Does this information help you predict how the law may or may not change?

Officer and Director Obligation to Shareholders

Do officers and directors in public companies place their own self-interest above those of its shareholders? Explain your answers. Replies will be used for reference only and OTA will be given credit for assistance.

American criminal justice system

In regards to the American criminal justice system, use your knowledge of the system from television, the news or personal experience. In approx. 350-words, describe a specific facet, procedure or concept of the criminal justice system. For example, Miranda, which you think is wrong, unfair, inappropriate or downright st

Mercy hospital and HIPAA case study

I need help with the following questions: 1. How does HIPAA serve to protect patient rights? 2. What areas of the organization did HIPAA compliance impact? 3. Do you agree with the fine levied against Mercy Hospital? Why, or why not? Evan Lee went to the emergency room at Mercy Hospital after he badly cut his hand on the

How to counter Shop Lifting?

Research using a Web search engine for at least two products or tools that would help you to investigate an incident based upon a scenario. This event scenario may be inspired by a real event known to you or one that is fictitious but likely to occur in your place of work or an environment that is familiar to you. Draft a on

Digital evidences

Dear Rahul, I assign it to you. As I have done work with you before. Pls confirm. Discuss digital evidence and privacy issues. For example, there are a growing number of sensors on the Internet such as cameras showing live highway traffic on the Web, these data could be potentially used for digital evidence if necessary. Wil

Research the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)

See the Multimedia activity on Ethics in International Business. Then read the case study about Geletx and Jed's concerns about the office in Lima, Peru. Research the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and then discuss whether this situation would be a violation of FAPA. What do you think that Jed should do?

Question about Grocery, Inc

Scenario: Grocery, Inc., is a retail grocery store chain based in Any State, U.S.A. Grocery has stores throughout the United States. Grocery has written contracts with many different vendors to purchase the products they sell in their stores. Vendors range from individuals to international corporations. Tom Green works as the

Getting out of a contract

Juan is an elderly man who lives with his nephew, Samuel. Juan is totally dependent on Samuel's support. Samuel tells Juan that unless he transfers a tract of land he owes to Samuel for a price 35 percent below its market value, Samuel will no longer support and take care of him. Juan enters into the contract. Discuss fully whet

Morality and Law

Examine the relationship between morality and law using several different examples. Respond to each question in 150-250 words. 1. Under what circumstances, if any, might the legalization or decriminalization of drugs be beneficial to society? 2. Do you consider alcohol a drug? Should greater control be placed on the s