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    Implied warranty of merchantability..

    Under the implied warranty of merchantability: a. A lot (group) of goods meets the warranty requirement so long as, on average, the goods are of sufficient quality, even if there is considerable variation and some of them are of inferior quality. b. The warranty includes a requirement that the goods be adequately contained a

    Accepting of good delivered in a contract

    Sustainable Earth Clothiers is a retailer who sells only natural fiber clothing made from the fibers that are organically raised. Because of the store's heavy advertising that it sells only products made from organically raised fibers, it simply cannot shirts that are delivered and accepted after an inspection. Sustainable Eart

    Grocery Inc, Law Questions

    Scenario: Grocery, Inc. is a retail grocery store chain based in Any State, U.S.A. Grocery has stores throughout the United States. Tom Green works as the produce manager for the store in My Town, U.S.A. Jeff Fresh, 17 years old, is spending his summer vacation working for Tom in the produce department. Using the scenario above,

    Hard Body Gyms, Ron Howard, City of Universal Studios

    Need some assistance in answering 3 discussion questions related to mini case studies. Week 4, DQ#1 Flipper Underwater Tours filed suit against Seahunt Equipment Company and Lloyd Bridges alleging breach of contract, breach of warranty and fraud in connection with the sale of a modified air compressor. Seahunt is a

    Blondell Legal Services Cost after allocations

    Blondell Legal Services, LLC, uses the step-down method to allocate service department costs to operating departments. The firm has two service departments, Personnel and Information Technology (IT), and two operating departments, Family Law and Corporate Law. Data concerning those departments follow: Service Department Opera

    health care industry

    Please help by giving me some information on a governmental or other agency (e.g. JCAHO) that governs the health care industry (or a particular segment of the industry). Submit a short, succinct synopsis which describes the purpose of the agency and its impact on the health care industry (or a particular segment of the industry)

    Legal remedies for defenses to contract and habitability

    Dan Maltbie and John Burke, students at Indiana University, resided in an apartment in an older house in Bloomington, Indiana. The agreed rent was $235 per month. When Maltbie and Burke moved in, they discovered numerous defects: rotting porch floorboards, broken and loose windows, an inoperable front door lock, leaks in the plu

    Notices of advertisement

    Sandy notices a dog tied to a chain behind a fence and recognizes it as belonging to an acquaintance who lives a couple of blocks away. Sandy goes to the acquaintance's house and says, "Your dog is tied up in someone's yard and for $100 I will tell you where. The dog's owner says, "No way!I can't believe you won't simply tell me

    Oral Guarantee for Repaying Loans

    John is president and sole shareholder of Photo, Inc. and wishes to borrow money, but to do so, the bank requires John to orally guarantee to repay the loan if Photo, Inc. cannot. John's guarantee to repay is: a. unenforceable, because John did not sign any agreement b. enforceable, because in general, guarantee contracts do not

    Contracted to Produce a Sculpture

    Roger contracted with Lori to produce a sculpture of her. The sculpture was to be made to Lori's satisfaction. Upon completion of the sculpture, which of the following is true? a. Lori may refuse to accept the sculpture if she really does not like it. b. Lori may refuse to accept the sculpture if she cannot afford to pay for it

    Unilateral mistake of a contract

    Mark was shopping for a used car in February. He went to AutoMega World and test drove a used 2000 Tiger XL. While driving the car, he looked at the climate control center and noticed that the temperature lever was marked "cold" at one end in blue and "hot" in red at the other end. Mark assumed that the "cold marking meant that

    Embezzling Funds with a Computer

    A computer that is the subject of a contract has the capability to be programmed to embezzle funds in a way that no other computer is able to do. The contract to sell such a computer: a. must be in writing, regardless of the cost of the computer b. will result in embezzlement charges against the sellr c. might be considered a il

    Considering Business Lawsuits

    John hires Jane to steal a particular type of car for him. Jane demands $2,000 payment in advance, which John pays. Jane does not deliver the stolen car at the appointed time. John sues Jane. Which of the following is most likely? a. John has his choice of either B or C. b. the courts will order Jane to return the $2,000 c. the

    Increasing Board Power Pros and Cons

    Mechanically speaking, the shareholders elect the directors who elect the officers. In small businesses, this is the way it really works. However, in big business, the officers have practical control over the nomination and proxy solicitation process. Reacting to several high profile corporate failures, Congress has legislated g

    When an Offeree Rejects the Offerer

    If an offeree gives a rejection to the offerer, which of the following is true at this point? a. the offeree is still able to accept the original offer until its original offer's expiration time b. the offeree can now transfer the rejected offer to a different party who becomes the new offeree c. the offeree has lost the

    Transfer Warranties

    When a person transfers a negotiable instrument, to whom does this transferor make transfer warranties? a. only parties to whom the transferor makes a written assertion in connection with the transfer b. for all transfers, to the immediate transferee and all subsequent transferees c. for all transfers, to the immediate t

    Artisan's and Mechanic's Liens

    Which of the following is not generally true about artisan's and mechanic's liens? a. there must have been authorization from the owner of the goods for the work done on them. b. they apply where one provides materials or services with respect to goods. c. Artisan's and mechanic's liens are super-priority liens given pri

    Business Law Multiple Choice Questions

    1) Which of the following statements is false? A) Notice must be given for directors meetings B) The solicitation of proxies is governed by the Securities and Exchange Commission C) Shareholders may vote by proxy D) Notice must be given for shareholder meetings E) Directors may vote by proxy 2) The statute that covers th

    Civil Tort Action: Mr Strong wants to know.

    Background: You are invited to attend a meeting with the firm partners and staff working on the call center contract situation. You are told at the beginning of the meeting that relations between your firm and a client have broken down. First, your law firm has learned that the client has been intercepting your firm's mail and

    Article 9 of the UCC

    Under Article 9 of the UCC, " protecting of the buyers of goods" means that: a. a buyer in the ordianry course of business takes free of any security interest b. the buyer can never take title to goods c. goods must be delivered to a common carrier in order for title to pass d. buyers can return nonconforming goods

    Holders and Negotiable Instruments

    In order to become a holder in due course, one must take a negotiable instrument without notice of the following except: a. that the instrument is overdue b. that there is a defense against it c. that the instrument was signed by an agent d. that the instrument has been dishonored e. that there was a claim to it by a

    Notice of Fact in Due Course

    Which of the following would constitute "notice" of a fact for the holder in due course purpose? a. actual knowledge of the fact b. having reason to know from facts and circumstances of the fact c. having received notice or notification of the fact d. A, B, and C e. A and B only

    Postdated check: Liability and presentment

    What steps must a drawer take in order to make a bank liable for paying a postdated check? 1. write the check with a date at some point in the future 2. notify the drawee bank about the the postdated check with a reasonably certain description of the check. 3. the actions in choices A and B are both required. 4. The actions in c

    Negotiation Types and Endorsement

    Negotiation of which types of instrument requires endorsement? 1. Bearer instruments only 2. Order instruments only 3. Both bearer and order instruments 4. neither bearer nor order instruments

    Agency Relationship: liability and third party

    In an agency relationship involving a principal, an agent and a third party, whether or not the agency relationship has been disclosed to the third party is a crucial issue. This would affect: a. the contract liability of the principal to the third party for a tort of the agent b. the tort liability of the agent to the third