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    Business Law

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    Briefly defines FMLA, COBRA, HIPAA, and ERISA Describes one current issue that employers should be or are concerned with under each act. For each current issue identified, describes why this issue has occurred. Describes what, if any, penalties a company may incur for violating each of the acts or for unsuccessfully chal

    Family Benefits

    The definition of family has changed considerably over the years. Your question for debate is: Who should be covered under these highly regulated benefits? Should the definition of family be altered or deleted when structuring benefit plans? Much of the rationale is directed at the unfair bias in benefits for traditional f

    Uniformity in commercial laws

    Before the UCC and the UCITA, what was one of the first, and most significant, of the U.S. government's attempts to promote uniformity in commercial laws from state to state? (Hint: think of "commerce" and Constitution). Based on the information presented above, what do you see as the major differences between Article 2 of th

    Business Law - Tort Liability and Ethics Question

    1. Is proof of a "bad motive" essential to imposing tort liability? Why or why not? 2. Tom Peters in his new book "Re-imagine" relates the case study of GE Power Systems. GE Power Systems used to be a provider of "manufactured boxes" for electricity - transformers, generators, turbines, etc. - commodities all. They changed th

    Business Law - Employment Agreement and Discrimination

    1. Should an employer be permitted to screen candidates for employment using genetic testing? Support your answer. 2. Is "at will" employment good for the economy? Support your answer. 3. Should weight be a BFOQ? Why or why not? Support your answer.

    Debate Format - Exclusionary Rule: Should it be abolished?

    Essay form, 500-700 words, APA format with APA citations from 3 + academic sources; PRO Counter-point (CON) the rule should not be abolished - support the exclusionary rule, address why this position, identify the fallacies underlying the position after reviewing: Debating Crime: Rhetoric and Reality, Belmont, CA; Wadsworth/Thom

    one makes it illegal to say a certain phrase

    What is it called when some one makes it illegal to say a certain phrase? Like the boxing announcer who says "lets get ready to rumble" or Paris Hilton saying "that's hot" I heard that no one else are allowed to say these sayings. Can people really sue another one for saying their sayings and if they can on what grounds can t

    Contract principles

    A geologist buys a "rock" from an inexperienced sales clerk at the Crystal and Mineral Shop for $35. Shortly thereafter the rock is determined by experts to be an uncut gemstone that, when cut, could be worth an estimated $1.5 million. The experienced, long-time owner of the Crystal and Mineral Shop seeks to rescind the sale. Wh

    Risk management and three legal issues: best pitcher hits his wife at a local club

    I need help with the question and this little scenario. As the risk manager for a baseball team, your best pitcher hit his wife at a local club. The team needs his services, but the city and the risk manager are appalled by his criminal condut. The team is flooded with calls as to how the matter is going to be handled and what i

    Business Law Case Question: Implied and Express Warranties

    [Bell Sports, Inc. v Yarusso~ 759 A.2d 582 (Del. 2000)] NOTE: THIS IS A Implied and Express Warranties NOT product liability case In 1991, Brian Yarusso catapulted over the handlebars on his off-road motorcycle while traveling over a series of dirt moguls at a dirt motocross track in Newark, Delaware. He landed on his h

    The History and Evolution of Federal Employment Laws

    Employment Law Paper Discuss specific employment situations and issues you have encountered. (I am a owner of a manufacturing company) Include what you know about employment conflicts, questions, grievances, lawsuits, etc., by an acquaintance or yourself. Analyze the experienced employment situation and describe the legal ac

    Business Law

    Chapter 10 3. Calvin Roach, a native -born American of Acadian descent, was fired by Dresser Industrial. Roach claimed that he was fired because of his "Acadian" national origin ("Cajun" descent)and his association with Dresser employees of the same origin. Employer claims that, since there is not and never was such a county

    Business Law

    Chapter 6 1. A female restaurant employee is on the phone in the kitchen talking to her mother. The chef of the restaurant comes up to the employee, throws off his chef's hat, grabs both the employees arm and begins shaking her violently and screaming at her. She reports this to the police. She is later terminated a sues f

    Business Law

    What is the importance of the 14th Amendment? explain. (300 + words)

    Law of Contracts vs. the Universal Commercial Code

    Given what you are learning about the law of contracts v. the UCC, why do you think all 50 states have adopted the Model UCC in some form or another? What are the benefits and detriments to the UCC replacing the traditional law of contracts?

    Ethics Dilemma - Business Law

    Clean Life, Inc. (CLI) is a world-wide manufacturer of health and beauty products. CLI has a new product, Pure and Innocent Soap, that it is ready to roll out in the market and CLI expects that when the full roll out is complete, Pure and Innocent Soap will generate revenues of over $5B per year. CLI plans to spend $100M on m

    American law

    Discuss the sources of American law: -constitution -statutes and ordinances -commercial law codes (a)codification of commercial law (b)uniform commercial code

    Price of Bonds If Contract Rate Different from Market Rate

    If the interest rate is 10% and a company issued $80,000,14%, 4-year bonds that pay interest semiannually. What is the selling price pf bonds issue How would I start this problem off, is their a certain method to use since it says semiannually?