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    Differing views for managers and employees on privacy issues: what is reasonable?

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    What promotes the differing views managers and employees have on privacy issues?

    What should a company have access to regarding an employee's personal life, and what is not reasonable?

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    * What promotes the differing views managers and employees have on privacy issues?

    Newton was right when he mentioned that "every action has an equal and opposite reaction". However, in this case, I would go further to think that nothing really has to 'promote' differing views managers and employees have on privacy issues. Managers are managers, and employees are employees. In the nature of their existence, managers automatically have access to private information about employees, while workers lack the same. Managers have one's personal information and some even monitor workers via cameras or other electronic systems. Both parties have different views because each is on different sides of the same employment fence. There isn't anything "promoting" different views, per se.

    Management is usually NOT monitored; only a small number of organizations monitor managers, whom are assumed to do no wrong. Conversely, employees lack the same privacy as management, which may make sense since they are performing different tasks. A good example of this difference is cited to say, "Employee privacy policies inform employees about ...

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