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    John v. Judy: is the lottery ticket marital property?

    John and Judy had concluded that their differences were irreconcilable, so they decided to end their twelve-year marriage amicably. There were no children, so they agreed to convert all their assets to cash and split the proceeds down the middle. The judge decided to waive counseling and mediation and granted the divorce decre

    Legal Issues in Reduction of Workforce

    I'm working on a paper about legal issues in workforce reduction. Sorry for the last minute but I need help with the key concepts of employment law that would affect his or her employment status, and cite the text as appropriate Further I need to explain whether there are any extenuating regulatory circumstances (e.g., exception

    alleynaschevitcz, short-selling, determination, loading-dock

    David Booze and Henry Allen are business school classmates who found jobs in Jersey City at competing investment firms after graduation. Booze became an investment banking analyst in the Mergers & Acquisitions department at Sacks of Gold & Co. and Allen became a sell-side trader at Bull Market Capital, Inc. Booze and Allen dev

    Business Law

    In re Hiram's Herd Hiram's dairy farm was growing by leaps and bounds. On July 10, he entered into an agreement with his neighbors, Hazel and Herschel, who had decided to retire from farming. He bought their entire herd of two hundred Holsteins for a substantial cash down payment and a $200,000 promissory note, payable in

    BUSINESS LAW II - Merchants v. Mechanics

    For Super Bowl XXX, the Tip-Top Bar and Grill pulled out all the stops. Beer was just a dollar, sandwiches were free and there was an opportunity to win $10,000 with a $100 bet on a ten by ten prize grid. Ben pulled a card from the board - NFL 3, AFL 0. He realized he only had $95 in his pocket, so he wrote a check for $100,

    Is a Torn Check Valid?

    Recently I paid an insurance premium by check. The insurance company informed me that my bank had refused to honor my check. I asked that they return the check to me, and I took it to the manager of the local branch. "I see what happened," he said. "The check was torn slightly when the insurance company opened your envelope.

    The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Unlawful Services

    1. What should IT be doing to ensure compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act? 2. Discuss the types of services considered "unlawful" if provided to a publicly held company by its auditor.

    Sources of international law: Doctrine of Sovereign Immunity

    Your firm has been asked by a domestic client to determine whether the client should sue a foreign country, but before taking on such a costly pursuit, the client wants to collect more information. You have been tasked with researching the doctrine of sovereign immunity. Prepare a summary of the doctrine and whether you feel

    Tort Law: analysis and solution of six problems

    1. Roughly a half-hour after Breakable Rental Furniture and Appliances, Inc. personnel delivered the chest of drawers she had rented, Goma File found a purse in one of the drawers. The purse contained $200 in cash. Is the purse (including its contents) lost, mislaid, or abandoned property? What would File's rights be under each

    Business Law and Ethics

    Suppose the jury had the option of putting Lee Iacocca, Robert Alexander, and Harold MacDonald in prison for their decision regarding the pinto design. What are the pros and cons of meting out criminal sentences as compared to issuing punitive damage awards?

    What types of agency relationships exist at work

    What types of agency relationships do you come across at work, and how do they affect your business? What lessons can you extract from agency law to avoid or lessen the risk of legal liability?

    Intentional Torts Against Persons and Against Property

    You are invited to attend a meeting with the firm partners and staff working on the call center contract situation. You are told at the beginning of the meeting that relations between your firm and a client have broken down. First, your law firm has learned that the client has been intercepting your firm's mail and reading it. S

    Federal Law and Regulations on the Equity Wages and Benefits

    Discussion Question #1: Discuss a federal law, regulation, or case that is relevant to the topic of wages and benefits. Are there any problems with the regulation? Has anyone proposed recommendations for change to it? Please put the subject of the law/regulation/case that you are discussing in the subject line. Discussio

    Employment law questions surrounding Family Medical and Leave Act (FMLA)

    Can you assist me with hypothetical employment law questions surrounding Family Medical and Leave Act (FMLA). For example, what is an employee which managed a restaurant applied for FMLA in order to take care of their aging parent who had cancer? If during the 12 weeks of FMLA the company had to hire a replacement for the res

    HIPAA (1996) Rules for Technology

    Which of the rules that make up the HIPAA law affect technology in a Health Care or Human Service organization? Can you summarize the relevant rules?

    Business Law Discussion Questions

    1. Bob is at the Boston Biceps Bodybuilding Club riding an exercise bike. Bob wants to change the station on the television which is mounted high on a nearby wall. He reaches for the remote control device, and finds that another member has accidentally taken the remote control device and left behind a cellular phone. Bob drags t

    Contract Law Explanation With Example

    Your committee has asked you to explain the basics of contract laws. Your initial plan is to address the following areas: - Display an example of a written contract that you have entered into. It could be a purchase agreement for a home, car or furniture, a warranty agreement, or a contract for home repairs. Identify the fea

    Tech Surveillance at Work

    Tech surveillance is not solely directed by employees at workers. American businesses have always been interested in capturing confidential information and trade secrets from competitors. How far can a company go in this direction without crossing the line?

    Law and ethics

    To what extent do you think enhanced surveillance technology will make our society safer?

    Parol Evidence Rule

    Parol Evidence Rule says that if a written contract is a complete and final statement of the parties' agreement, any prior or comtemporaneous oral or written statements that alter, contradict, or are in addition to the terms of the written contract are inadmissable in court regarding a dispute over the contract. Basically, w