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    What are the legal implications of dying intestate?

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    What are the legal implications of dying intestate (without a will)?
    Who will be beneficiaries in your state when a person dies intestate?

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    It's okay to die without a will, but in doing so, any particular bequests have no validity. Each state has a set of rules about who will inherit and in what order. Each state's rules are unique to the state and are applied to residents of the state.

    The set of rules are mandated by state statute. These rules are generically referred to as intestate succession laws, statutes of descent, or rules of descent and distribution. http://www.finance.cch.com/text/c50s10d190.asp At the end of the attached article, there is a link to the ...

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    The 350 word solution discusses differences in state laws for dealing with probate for dying intestate. Because state statutes apply, there are enough differences, state to state, for the elderly to consider and to be informed about.