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Business Law

Common Law..

What is "common law"? Why is the United States a "common law country"? What is the primary distinction between common law and civil law legal systems? Please reference your source(s)

Treaty and Convention

Under International law, what is the difference between a treaty and a convention? a. conventions usually have only a few signatory nations whereas treaties usually have many b. the two terms have the same meaning, thus there is no difference between them. c. a treaty is an agreement nogotiated directly be the signatory

Exceptions to Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act prevents each of the following except: a. bribes to candidates for office in foreign nations. b. bribes to foreign officials c. bribes to foreign politicall party officials d. bribes to foreign officials if the payment is legal under the local written laws.

Legal Responsibilities of Auditors and Consultants

Could someone help me with discussing the concepts on the legal and professional responsibilities of auditors, consultants and securities professionals insofar as what they will need to do to be able to comply with the law and avoid claims for malpractice and criminal liability?

Corporation and LLC

What are the differences between corporation and a LLC? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Rule of Reason

What is the legal significance of the distinction between rule of reason violations and per se violations under the Sherman Act? a. Rule of reason violations must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, and per se violations must be proven with a preponderance of the evidence. b. Rule of reason violations relate to actions br

Black Squirrel LP: Certificates of Limited Partnership

The Black Squirrel limited partnership has been in operation for many years, but has recently fallen on hard times. The partners have decided to dissolve, although there are few assets remaining in the partnership. Shortly after the partnership filed its certificate of limited partnership, the partners had the foresight to incor

Description of Business Organizations

How would you define each of the five business organizations? How would you analyze the tax implications of each organization? How would you analyze the liability implications of each organization? Can you theorize what businesses would be best suited to each type of organization?

Foreign Country: research and summarize the doctrine of sovereign immunity

Your firm has been asked by a domestic client to determine whether the client should sue a foreign country, but before taking on such a costly pursuit, the client wants to collect more information. You have been tasked with researching the doctrine of sovereign immunity. Prepare a summary of the doctrine and whether you feel

Escrow Bonds in Law Firms

Please help with the following business law-related posting. Can someone help me understand escrow bond addition? For example, if I see an invoice from Aon Risk services posted to prepaid legal account, what is that for? Please provide at least 300 words.

Memo: Discussing Fixed, Variable and Mixed Costs

Can you help me with this task? I am not too sure where to begin? Details: You have been studying 'fixed' costs. You learned that a number of 'fixed' costs are actually mixed costs (variable and fixed). Write a two paragraph memo to your manager explaining some of the cost estimation techniques that can help determine the fi

Forecasting Techniques: Forecasting acts as an aid to decision-making. Agree?

Understanding Forecasting Techniques Introduction: All firms conduct their activities in an uncertain environment and use forecasting techniques to reduce this uncertainty. The challenge facing a forecaster is choosing the right technique. However, forecasting is not a substitute for managerial decision-making; it simply acts

Rights Among Partners

Meyer, Nap, and Cavanna establish a partnership to operate a window washing service. Meyer contributes $10,000 to the partnership, and Nap and Cavanna contribute $1000 each. The partnership agreement is silent as to how profits and losses will be shared. One month after the partnership begins operation, Nap and Cavanna vote,

Forming a corporation: Acme Fireworks (Article Of Incorporation)

Assume the following facts: You operate the Acme Novelty Company, a sole proprietorship engaged in the manufacture and sale of party and holiday supplies. Your company makes such items as greeting cards, seasonal decorations, party favors, and birthday candles. Due to several customers' enquiries and a lack of manufacturers o

Business law: breach of contract

Can you help me understand this concept? If (any particular) company had entered into a contract with another company and the other company breached the terms of the contract and their breach damaged your company, how would you go about resolving the dispute and obtaining a remedy?

Contract Provisions for Purchase of Goods or Services

When parties are negotiating the terms of a contract for the purchase of goods and/or services, what are some of the most common types of contractual provisions that are included in the contract, in your opinion?

Looking for specific books on employment law and labor stand

Wilson, M. F. (2005), Fair labor standards act: history and rights, Pp 21-44 Alexander, D., & Hartman, L. (2004). Employment law for business (4th ed.). New York:McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Has any one seen either book or read it. If so can you give place where I can find it or get it. If not books let me know. These books referenc