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    Executive Summary for Health Care Negotiations

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    To the Hospital's Board of Trustees

    Created an executive summary to show how process integration can be achieved when negotiating the organization's managed care contracts.

    Described the benefits to the "end customer" of process integration.

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    Following is an 800 word document that is in executive summary format. The format I use is the format taught at UC Berkley. I find it to be the most clear and concise format for academic writing.

    I am the original author of the attached document. This document will assist you with your studies, as it addresses to the board the significance of renegotiating the current managed care contract.

    Board of Trustees - Executive Summary

    I. Business Overview

    ? Company description and business model

    The company is a 900 bed medical facility located in the New York City area. The company's current managed care contracts are outdated, as they were originally written in 1992. The business model will discuss the process integration through the renegotiating of managed care contract to bring the current financial enhancement to the hospital and the influx of revenues will be used to update the facility for end customer benefit.

    ? Value proposition- financial

    The renegotiating of our current managed care contracts can enhance our profit margin by 25%. As stated in the summary, our current rates are based on 1992 figures. Medical care has increased significantly through the invention of many modern technological devices. The hospital must be compensated in accordance with current procedures and training requirements for the new technology. ...

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