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Description of Business Organizations

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How would you define each of the five business organizations? How would you analyze the tax implications of each organization? How would you analyze the liability implications of each organization? Can you theorize what businesses would be best suited to each type of organization?

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//Before writing about the detail of five types of organization, we have to mention the five types in which an organization can run successfully. It will help you to understand the importance of each type for different kind of organization, for example: //


There are five types of business organizations named sole proprietor, corporations, LLC, general partnership and LLP. These five types of business organizations are different from each other in several aspects. These organizations have different tax implications, liability implication and have difference in selection of best suitable business. The difference among these five business organizations can be analyzed by following discussion.

//Above, we have discussed about the five types of organizations and these types affect the growth and performance of the company directly. Now, as per the instructions, we have to define each type of organization separately along with the impact of tax and liability on them. I am explaining a shorter view, which helps you to define in detail the impact of various factors in the different types of organizations. This is well enough for you to understand the assignment and fulfill the requirements of the paper. //

Sole Proprietor: Sole proprietorship is a type of business organizations. These business organizations have no separate ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 632 words with references.

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