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Business Law

Family and Medical Act (FMLA)

Scenario: You are the Director of Compensation and Benefits for Lansing-Smith Corporation, a 6-month old sales and service organization that currently has a workforce of 150 employees. You recently joined the organization when the Vice President of Operations decided to move the Compensation and Benefits function out of the

Business Entity Regulations for a Town Hall

Prepare a description of business entity regulations in your state as they pertain to your current employer (I work for town hall which is a municipality). Be sure to include the following your paper: a. Identify the business formation code(s) in your state. (Arizona) b. Identify the address of your state's corporation commiss

What 3 Laws Could Provide a Problem for Putty Sports

Scenario: You are the HR manager for a large call center at Putty Sports. This center responds to customer inquiries about new sporting goods equipment products they have purchased. There always was an increase in volume of incoming calls and sales during certain times of the year, which created a need for doubling the size of

WHY IS IT difficult to get suppliers and contractors to complete their final work activities at the end of a project? Why is it more difficult to get fixed price contractors to complete their contract work, as compared to reimbursable contractors? What can be done to induce fixed price contractors to become more responsive?

WHY IS IT difficult to get suppliers and contractors to complete their final work activities at the end of a project? Why is it more difficult to get fixed price contractors to complete their contract work, as compared to reimbursable contractors? What can be done to induce fixed price contractors to become more responsive?

Pelnor has a capacity to store no more than 25,000 square feet of steel at any time. Because of the contract, orders must be placed each week regardless of the on-hand supply.

The Pelnor Corporations is the nation's largest manufacturer of industrial-size washing machines. A main ingredient in the production process is 8- by 10-foot sheets of stainless steel. The steel is used for both interior washer drums and outer casings. Steel is purchased weekly on a contractual basis from the Smith-Layton Fo

Which Law Applies to Poor Signal?

Clearly state the legal issue involved, your analysis and the conclusion that results from your analysis. Melissa purchased a compact satellite dish as part of a contract to obtain satellite television service. Melissa owns a small bar and plans to use the dish and cable service in her bar. The contract provided that she pa

Discrimination & Harassment

What are some aspects of legislated safeguards against discrimination and harassment that managers and coworkers would need to be aware of in their own development of diversity skills and diversity consciousness? Apply your answer to gay and lesbian employees. I am referring to the U.S. Thank you for this assistance.

Administrative Policies

Criminal justice agencies experience shifts and trends in the number of crimes committed and the amount of resources it takes to properly administrate the handling of caseloads. For example, it may be that 80% of the crimes that occur in a certain jurisdiction are misdemeanors, which are the least egregious types of criminal act

Corporate Veil, Employee Benefits and Rights in Contracts

1). Years ago, New York law required that every taxicab company carry $10,000 of accident liability insurance for each cab in its fleet. The purpose of the law was to ensure that passengers and pedestrians injured by cabs operated by these companies would be adequately compensated for their injuries. At that time, Jay Colton o

Contracts, Fraud and Forgery

1. First Web Bank, an online financial institution, keeps financial information about its customers. To review this information, the U.S. Department of Justice must first obtain a. a warrant only b. the customers' permission only c. a warrant or the customers' permission d. none of the above 2. Guy issues a check drawn

Company Crime

I need some help getting started. When one thinks of crime, it's usually with individuals in mind. However, companies commit crimes too. Review the articles below and respond to this question: ? Do the company's actions fit the definition of a crime? If so, what kind, a felony or a misdemeanor? Why or why not? Articles

(FLSA, Equal Pay Act, Davis-Bacon Act, NLRA, etc.).

700+ words - explain a law and/or regulation applicable to compensation (FLSA, Equal Pay Act, Davis-Bacon Act, NLRA, etc.). Explain how your selected law relates to compensation. Find current interpretations of the law and discuss implications for your organization


I need help with the following: on the following: Copyright Infringement Patent Infringement Trademark Infringement

IP Discussion Question

Discuss Intellectual property and its significance on the Internet In your discussion, discuss how these relate to the Internet and Intellectual property A. Copyrights B. Trademarks C. Patents D. Domain names E. International aspects of intellectual property F. Contracts Please use your own words to discuss the abo

Tort Law

If a security guard a local store detains an individual whom they suspect of shoplifting however, when the authorities arrive approximate 10 minutes later the female is searched and no merchandise is found is that considered emotional distress. I read that many states do not recognize negligent emotional distress - only intenti

Business law

What is the pretrial process and where does the burden of proof lie in a negligence suit or does it depend of jurisdiction?

Tort law

After researching (task below) I would think that the following would fall under tort law - negligence tort/assumption of risk. However I am somewhat gray in the area of causation. Also another question - in some sports activities (such as church, work, university and other leagues utilize a waiver as an attempt to reduce thei

Ergonomic Injury and Preventing Further Workplace Injuries

Please identify and describe a scenario that involves an ergonomic injury and determine guidelines to prevent further injuries in the work setting. Please cover the explanation how the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety & Health Administration's criteria for ergonomic injuries might apply to the scenario. Thank you.

Age related rights and Discrimination

Please identify and describe a case in which an employer's activities were restricted due to age related rights of employees. Be sure to explain how the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's criteria for age discrimination applies to the case. I would like references to the case please. Thank you

Business Law

If an individual is injured playing a recreational game of baseball by a wild pitch that requires him to seek medical attention is the pitcher liable for the damages? I would not feel that the league would be liable due to the following: "The injuries were the result of a risk inherent in the sport of baseball, and are barre

The Greatest Colas Board of Directors Case Study

The Greatest Colas Board of Directors read your article in EOA's monthly magazine and was duly impressed. As a result, they wish to create a company wide focus on ethics, but they do not know where to begin and are seeking your guidance. They want to understand on what to base a corporate ethics education policy. The Board asks

Criminal Law

Identify the type of crime committed in each of the following examples. Indicate if the crime is a misdemeanor, or a felony. You will do much of the research for any felonies. Explain which cases you will research, as a result. Will you have a heavy or light research load these next months? Three securities brokers agree in