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Business Law

Separation: Taxable Earnings

Matt and Sandy reside in a community property state. Matt left home in April 2006 because of disputes with his wife, Sandy. Subsequently, Matt earned $15,000. Before leaving home in April, Matt earned $3,000. Sandy was unaware of Matt's whereabouts or his earnings after he left home. The $3,000 earned by Matt before he left home

Worker's compensation laws

Please help with the following problem regarding worker's compensation laws. Provide at least 100 words. What are the objectives of worker's compensation laws? How do you describe the employers' obligations under these laws? How should an employer assure employee privacy when processing claims under workers' compensation la


Please help with the following problem found in the textbook: Business Law: The Ethical, Global, and E-Commerce Environment 13th edition written by Jane Mallor, A. James Barnes, Thomas Bowers, and Arlen W. Langvardt (2007). Please answer questions in detail.

Business Law: Insuring Against Risk

What are the two most important risks that business would seek to insure against? Generally describe what the coverage would be and the amount of policy limits. Would the insurance for either risk be worth the premium cost? Why or why not?

Discussion Questions for paper

1) What are some of the Constitutional protections of privacy? How do privacy rights differ for private and public employees? Why? 2) What are some of the limitations of pre-employment testing? What are some of the potential pitfalls for management? What can management do to avoid the pitfalls?

Standard Construction, Inc. Contracts to Build

Standard Construction, Inc. contracts to build a store for totally Chocolate Company, with TCC's payment it cannot pay SCI on time in this situation, who is in breach of contract and why?

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Prepare an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) clause that can be used by a learning team to resolve disagreements among the learning team members. This ADR clause should be suitable for use by any learning team in any course of your program. Include at least one type of ADR in the clause; however, more than one type may be

Business Law: Smythe/Lasco & BP

sample_answer_format: Dagesse brought a personal injury suit against Plant Hotel after being injured in a fall at the Aruba Marriott resort. The Dagesses filed suit in New Hampshire, seeking to have the companies come and defend the lawsuit there. In order for the companies to be obligated to go to New Hampshire the court would

Employment Law

Please help with the following problem found in the textbook: Business Law: The Ethical, Global, and E-Commerce Environment 13th edition written by Jane Mallor, A. James Barnes, Thomas Bowers, and Arlen W. Langvardt (2007). Please answer question in detail. CASE Ann Hopkins, a senior manager at the accounting firm of

Case analysis on corporate malfeasance

Faced with the task of rebuilding investor and public confidence in Tyco, newly-appointed Edward Breen has invited an outside group to advise him as he takes steps to restore the company's viability and reputation. Called to assist your consulting firm in this project, you have been asked to study the Tyco situation and prepare

Affirmative Action Law

1. What types of employers must comply with affirmative action? How can affirmative action be a positive force in the workplace? Does affirmative action require meeting of quotas? Why or why not? 2. Why has union membership declined in the U.S. since 1955? Do you expect this trend to continue? Why or why not? What value c

Champlin v United States

In 1943, During World War II, a Navy TBD-1 Devastator crashed eight miles off the coast of Florida. The entire crew survived and there is no indication that any efforts were made to locate the plane by the Navy. Collector Doug Champlin, the owner of an airplane museum in Arizona, spent approximately $130,000 to recover the plane

Long-Term Contract with Overall Loss

P18-7 (Long-Term Contract with an Overall Loss) On July 1, 2007, Kyung-wook Construction Company Inc. contracted to build an office building for Mingxia Corp. for a total contract price of $1,950,000. On July 1, Kyung-wook estimated that it would take between 2 and 3 years to complete the building. On December 31, 2009, the b

Equal Pay Act of 1967

What was the purpose of the Equal Pay Act of 1967? Has the law accomplished its purpose? Why or why not?

Workplace Harassment Consequences

What individuals' or groups' behavior might result in harassment of employees? What are the possible consequences to the employer when an employee is harassed in the workplace? What is the employer's responsibility to the employee?

Dividends- Payout ratios

Carnegie Mellon and Produce Co. has 120,000,000 in stockholders' equity. Forty million dollars is listed as common stock and the balance is in retained earnings. The firm has $250,000,000 in total assets and 3 percent of this value is in cash. Earnings for the year are $20,000,000 and are included in retained earnings. (a)

Business Law: Terry and Valerie (cat-sitting) & Betty's new car

1) Terry has a business in which he visits with client's pet cats in the client's home while the client is out of town. The primary purpose is to prevent the cats from becoming psychotic due to the owner's absence. Terry contracted to visit Valerie's cat daily for a two-week period when Valerie was on vacation. Because Terry cha

Breach of Promise for Third Party Beneficiary

Lone star Life Insurance Co. agreed to make a long-term loan to Five Forty Three Land, Inc., whenever that corporation requested one. Five Forty Three wanted this load to pay off its short-term debts. The loan was never made, as it was never requested by Five Forty Three, which owed the Exchange Bank and Trust Co. on a short-ter

Important information about Equal Pay Act of 1967

1. What was the purpose of the Equal Pay Act of 1967? Has the law accomplished its purpose? Why or why not? 2. How do Title VII and its amendments protect employees? Are laws necessary to govern ethical treatment of employees? Why or why not? Explain. I need about 100 to 150 words with 1 or 2 references to complete this p

Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002

Need help in preparing a 1100 word paper on What is the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002? Why was it enacted? How did it affect the reporting requirements for U.S. companies? How does it affect small business owners. Like before this will go through Turnitin Please include all references.

Decision-Making Process

Please prepare a 300-400 word paper on the decision-making processes most prevalent in a law enforcement organization. Specifically discuss the strengths and weaknesses found in the decision-making process. Consider the most favorable aspects of this process, describe a process by which a problem can be identified and described

Employment Law Increased

Employment law increasingly affects the decisions of human resource managers. Name three types of laws and explain the purpose of each one.

Difference Between Law and Ethics in Business

In 200 words: Define ethics. Discuss the difference between law and ethics in business. Evaluate organizational influences on ethical ground rules and values. Define business ethics. Is it possible that something unethical is not illegal? Give an example of an unethical behavior that does not break the law. How

Liability and Agency Law

1. A number of football fans from LA purchased a tour package through Shifty Travel Agency (Shifty). The package included transportation, lodging, and tickets to the Super Bowl at New Orleans. Shifty acted as a broker for Honest Tours (Honest), and the fans contracted with Honest for the package. However, when they got to New Or

Affirmative Action: Example Problem

Define Affirmative Action. Which employers are subject to Affirmative Action laws? What potential impact does Affirmative Action have on employees and the workplace?

Discussion Questions for paper

1. In 100-150 words I want to implement this information in my paper: What are the differences between employees and independent contractors? Is it possible for an employer to reclassify all of his employees as independent contractors? Why or why not? 2. In 100-150 words I want to implement this information in m

Arthur is a an 12 year old with an IQ of 150.

Arthur is a an 12 year old with an IQ of 150. On his birthday, Arthur received a gift of $500 in cash from his Aunt, who told him to buy what he wanted. Since Arthur was interested in stamps, he ordered the "100 Special Stamps a Month" offer for 12 months from the Excelsior Stamp and Coin Company. Arthur was mistaken about t

Business Law and Legal Process: Discrimination Complaint

John is an employee in a private sector organization. He wants to file a discrimination complaint against his employer. Based on this scenario, prepare a 700-1,050-word response to analyze and explain the discrimination complaint and civil litigation processes as would potentially apply to John and his employer. Be sure to e