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    Offensive Employee Behaviors and Legal Sanctions

    Consider the following account, adapted from the Canadian HR reporter: In a British Columbia human rights case, a store owner engaged in behaviours that could be construed as teasing or as simply crude. Some of these behaviours included: Reference by the owner to photo processing machines as "female machines" because they

    Interactive Simulation Questions: Americans with Disabilities Act

    The link to the simulation: https://ecampus.phoenix.edu/content/material/materialhandler.aspx?contentTypeID=38&urlSource=/secure/aapd/vendors/tata/UBAMSims/employment_law/employment_law_avoiding_discrimination_simulation.html%20&processType=IC-Assessment&folderName=MGT434R4&userType=ST&pageLoadTimeStamp=10/11/2009%206:06:15%2

    1) It was utter failure of responsibilities on the part of the salesman of car that he did not make due enquiries about Jeff. 2) Tom Green simply made a statement and not an offer and Harry never properly it as an offer and so the question of acceptance does not arise.

    Grocery, Inc. is a retail grocery store chain based in Any State, U.S.A. Grocery has stores throughout the United States. Tom Green works as the produce manager for the store in My Town, U.S.A. Jeff Fresh, 17 years old, is spending his summer vacation working for Tom in the produce department. The capacity to enter into a val

    Elements of Negligent Tort

    Negligent Tort Prepare a following the APA guidelines, detailing the elements of a negligent tort. At a minimum, your analysis must include the concepts of but for and proximate causation, duty of care and the various types of remedies available for a finding of tort liability. You are encouraged to research scholarly artic

    Difference between law and ethics

    3. What is the difference between law and ethics? Can a business be ethical without sacrificing profit? Describe an example of a business that you believe to have an ethical approach to its operations.

    Discuss two Environmental Acts and how they work; explain bailment & abandonment

    #1 Sally and her one year old son, Junior, live in low income apartment building. Sally is a single mother since last year after her husband was fatally wounded in an accident at the shipping dock where he worked. Unfortunately since her husband was not working there for long he had no retirement, nor any type of accidental l

    Contract Payment Issues: ABC Ltd. Example

    Mark enters into a written contract with ABC Ltd. to work as a sales representative for a salary and commission. The company also promises to pay Mark all expenses incurred in the course of his work. However, this promise is not included in the contract. Mark makes trips to outlying suburbs in the course of his work and presents

    Business Law: Fraud, Rules of Precedent, Patents, Torts, Etc.

    1. The best example of a chief executive's quasi lawmaking ability is: A. Appointment Power B. Rule Making C. Executive Orders D. None of the Above 2. T/F The Statute of Frauds was erected outside the British Parliament in 1677. 3. T/F A defendant in a civil action for FRAUD can be sentenced to jail time if convicted b

    Technology Solutions for Human Services: identify three barriers

    -Identify three barriers to services, planning, funding, or empowerment in a selected aspect of human services -How can applications of technology be used as a means to overcome each of these barriers? -Include at a minimum the applications that use word processing, presentation, spreadsheet, database, and report generating ap

    Power and the Making of Laws

    While post-modernism as a "cultural movement was all about rejecting elitist, bourgeois viewpoints and empowering the most common of us being that upward movement in society ought not to be dictated by birth or social class," your point that "it ought to be about the effort & ability of the individual to make the most of his lif

    Art: An explanation of How it Too Can Break the Law

    Today, our country still censors certain artwork. The funny thing about this discussion is that what we think is art, another person may believe it is trash. Like I said in one of my previous post, we were on the subway and saw a women get on naked and a man started taking photos of her posing. A mother was immediately disturbed

    The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.

    Write 200-words describing the requirements and purpose of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. What are some of the consequences of non-compliance with the Act? Do you think the Act has solved the problem of unethical behavior in corporate governance?

    Discrimination & Illegal Interview Questions

    What are the illegal interview questions, and how should an applicant answer them? Are these interview questions ethical? An article addressing these questions would be helpful.

    Cost Plus Incentive Fee Contract

    1. Given the following data, develop an appropriate CPIF pricing arrangement. Cost Fee Target $100 $10 Optimistic $ 80 $12 Pessimistic $120 $ 7 a. What should be the maximum fee? b. What should be the minimum fee c. What should be the under-target share ratio? d. What should be the over-target share r

    Americans with Disabilities Act : Constitutional rights in the workplace

    ? Write a paper in which you describe the role of the U. S. Constitution and the U. S. legal system in business regulation. ? Find and discuss a recent news article, or an example from your workplace, that demonstrates how a constitutional right affects a business and how the legal system is used with respect to recognizi

    Elements of a Contract: Offer, Acceptance and Legality

    Prepare a two pages following the APA guidelines, detailing the essential elements of a contract.Must include a detailed description of the concepts of offer, acceptance and legal consideration. You are encouraged to seek our scholarly sources and websites to support your observations.


    Under Sarbanes-Oxley regulations, which companies or industries are required to have internal controls for computer access? Which companies or industries are not required to follow these regulations? Would you recommend that companies, which are not obligated by the law, follow the computer access portion of the regulation follo

    Discussing the Sources of International Law

    The law firm's international law partner is an international law celebrity who was born in Europe and is now a U.S. citizen. He has been invited to speak at an international law conference and is going to give a speech on international war crimes. He has been very impressed with your work and wants your input regarding the Unite

    Business Law

    What are the potential civil and criminal liabilities of an accountant? What is the significance of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act? Explain. What are the formal and informal sources of regulations for accountants? What are some of the consequences of violating accounting regulations? How has the Sarbanes-Oxley Act aff

    Computations for Business

    The law firm has 6 lawyers and 10 support people and uses job-order costing system to accumulate cost by client. Two departments are litigation and research and use different predetermined overhead rates for each department. At the beginning of the year, the partners made the following: