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    Difference between law and ethics

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    3. What is the difference between law and ethics? Can a business be ethical without sacrificing profit? Describe an example of a business that you believe to have an ethical approach to its operations.

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    Law and ethics are the two different term, although they both are made for security and safety of the rights of society and people but the meaning of both terms are different. Ethics can be described by the moral activities of the societies, which can be considers as right or wrong. On the other hand, law can be defined by the rules and regulations that are established by the government to maintain ethics in the society (Anstead, 1999).

    Ethics are the honest and moral behavior of the society and law basically refers to the system that governs the rules and regulations for making the societal system better, equalized and peaceful. Law is an integral and important part of the society (The Difference between Law and Ethics, 2004).

    All the organizations are concerned with ...

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    The differences between laws and ethics are explained. The solution determines if businesses can be ethical without sacrificing profit.