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    Art: An explanation of How it Too Can Break the Law

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    Today, our country still censors certain artwork. The funny thing about this discussion is that what we think is art, another person may believe it is trash. Like I said in one of my previous post, we were on the subway and saw a women get on naked and a man started taking photos of her posing. A mother was immediately disturbed about it and called the conductor. They got threw off the train and arrested. The man said it was art, but the police sided with the woman. How would the artist get the police to see his side of the story especially if the laws are written to detour these types of expressions of art?

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    I hope that I read this correctly. As you mentioned in your story about the woman who got on the subway and was being photographed by the artist, I do not believe the woman's reaction was about the art aspect of this at all. I believe it was rather ...

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    When art meets the law, the result can get ugly. Ethical principles apply in every area of our society in order to protect all of us from irresponsible behavior. Some artists may see it differently.