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    Logical reasoning problem with multiple variables

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    It was unfortunate that Rose and the other four coworkers in her department live in different suburbs because otherwise they might have been able to carpool. As it stands, each of the five drives to work every day on a different route. Every day last week from Monday through Friday, one of the five arrived late to work because of a detour that sidetracked him or her. From this information and the clues below, can you determine each coworker's full name (on last name is Hollings), detour reason, and the day?

    1. Loud was late to work the day before Janus (which wasn't on Tuesday).
    2. The detour that Tom encountered was caused earlier in the week than the roadblock.
    3. Stu was delayed earlier in the week than when road construction caused a detour (which wasn't on Friday).
    4. Kirkland was late later in the week than the day of the roadblock and earlier in the week than the day Art was late.
    5. Monday's detour wasn't caused by the accident or the water main break.
    6. Mark's lateness (which wasn't caused by the accident) was later in the week than Polly's which was due to a pothole.

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