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Business Law

"Clickwrap" Agreements

I have attached all the questions in the attachment, one of them is an article. FROM ATTACHMENT: "Clickwrap" agreements are where a purchaser agrees to the terms of a contract by clicking on a dialogue box on screen. This is often seen when installing software, when downloading from the Internet or when purchasing on-lin


Please identify and define the five essential elements required in a valid contract. Is it possible to create a contract without one of these elements?

Legal Operations in International Business

Details: As a continuation of ABC Corporation's offshore growth, a specialty chemical plan was recently constructed in the People's Republic of China. A production problem has arisen involving the specialty chemical plant. The plant uses individual components in the creation of the specialty chemicals, which produce extremely ha

How is risk related to the type of contract in terms of the buyer and seller?

Please see the attached file and provide the appropriate answers to each question. 1. How is risk related to the type of contract in terms of the buyer and seller? 2. How do the buyer and seller benefit from incentives in a cost plus incentive contract? 3. What is the purpose of an RFP, SOW, RFQ? 4. What is the definition

Tort and its elements

1. Pick a tort( cyber tort or international tort) that you would like to demonstrate and name it. 2. What are the elements of this tort (i.e. name all the factors that you would need to prove in court to demonstrate this tort). 3. Write out a scenario that would demonstrate this tort, including all the necessary elements

International Finance - Hedging using forward contract

5. Intel Corporation has Euros 100 million payables due in 90-days. The current spot exchange rate is $1.2025/Euro. The 90-day forward rate is $1.2100/Euro. If Intel wants to hedge its payables in Euro 100 million, suggest a suitable hedging strategy using the forward contract and compute the total cost with the forward rat

Using the internet locate the following articles specifically related to

Using the internet locate the following articles specifically related to: 1) Business formations. Prepare 350 word review of the article 2) Negotiable instruments. Prepare 350 word review of the article Please properly cite and reference the articles and show step by step on how to write an "Article Review" Thank y

Breach of Contract Situations

1) Retail Music Inc. offer to buy Super Products Corporation (SPC) 1,000 blank CD's of a certain brand. Without notifying Retail, SPC timely ships CDs of a different brand. This shipment is A) an acceptance of the offer and a breach of the parties contract (B) an acceptance of the offer and a fulfillment of the parties contrac

Employee Safety, Health, and Welfare Law Paper

I have to prepare a 1,050-1,750-word paper in which I have to explain the application and implication of the following laws for an employer (any employer). I have to analyze (but is not limited to) the following employee safety, health, and welfare laws: I do not work, and I have not worked in a long time. When I did work, I was

The occupational Safety and Health Act gives workers the right to a job

1) The occupational Safety and Health Act gives workers the right to a job: A) with a legally mandated wage in which wages are common in the areas of similar kinds of work (B) with fair and equitable wages in order for an employee to enjoy a decent standard of living (C) free from recognized hazard that are causing or likely to

Business Law

1). Greg filed a suit against Holly , Greg seeks to recover the cost to provide copies of documents in hyperlinked CD format. According to the courts in case 3.3, Phansalkar v Anderson , Wien Roth & Co., this could cost be awarded if: A) all parties used the electronics copies (B) Greg advanced the expense, hoping to recovery l

Employment Law - Provide the rule of law raised by the issue in each question

Provide the rule of law raised by the issue in each question, apply the elements of the law to the facts in the scenario, and conclude with an answer to the question asked. Answer the questions with responses of at least 250 words. Scenario 1 Patricia began working for Encyclopedia Britannica as a part-times sales represe

Tax Law and Accounting Paper

Business, Accounting/Business Analysis/Financial Reporting - Year 3 Tax Law and Accounting a. Define the objectives of modern income tax statutes. b. Compare and contrast Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and tax accounting. Explain why they are different. c. Differentiate between tax avoidance and tax


The mandates by the government is to create some sort of equity between employees and employers. In your opinion can you tell me why is it that some employers disobey these regulations? If you look at some employees who hires illegal immigrants. They avoid these regulations. What are your thoughts on that?

Prepare a memo addressing area of concern with employee protection.

I need help with the following. I need references also. I have to prepare a memo to a Sr. Manager who wanto to know the ares of employee protection the company should be aware of. I have identified the following areas: Discrimination Compensation and benefits Representation and collective activity ( Labor and relation

Business law questions

The state of Alabama, on behalf of a mother (T.B.), brought a paternity suit against the alleged father (J.E.B.) of T.B.'s child. During jury selection, the state, through peremptory challenges, removed nine of the ten prospective male jurors. J.E.B.'s attorney struck the final male from the jury pool. As a result of these pe

Employer-Employee Relations

Identify and analyze the policy differences on "Regular" employees versus temporaries or independent contractors.

Illegal accounting practices

Discuss at least eight examples of illegal accounting practices that could result in incarceration? They could be real life instances or just examples.

Case Portfolio: Case briefings and answers to questions

I need help in compiling a case portfolio of seven briefed business law cases. Include one case from each of these topics: 1. Basic Business 2. Real Properties 3. Intellectual Properties 4. Business and the Bill of Rights 5. Administrative Agency 6. Torts Relating to Business 7. Contracts PSS*** I dont need help on t

Contract Definitions and Meaning

Can someone explain to me in details the following terms used in Contracting? 1) Progress Payments 2) Performance-Based Payments 3) Liquidated Progress Payments 4) Unliquidated Progress Payments 5) Ordinary Liquidation Rate 6) Alternate Liquidation Rate Thanks In Advance

Business Law

Your company is considering expanding its services into different states. As part of a committee that is tasked with contracting employees for a call center, you have been assigned to research whether there are any federal laws, statutes, or constitutional clauses that may affect this expansion.

Explain how the changes in the FLSA were enacted.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) was modified in 1994. Explain how the changes in the FLSA were enacted and discuss the opinions and concerns that different associations, special interest groups, and political groups had at the time. Explain the rationale for these opinions and concerns. Use the Internet and other sources to

Sarbanes Oxley

Why is corporate governance is important and who should have a role in an organization's governance process. I need to consider how Sarbanes-Oxley impacts corporate governance and which provision of the Sarbanes-Oxley is most difficult for organizations to implement.

Law Questions

1. A. Action Corporation purchases all of the assets of the Bell Corporation for cash. After the purchase, a creditor of the Bell Corp oration asserts that by buying the assets of the Bell Corporation, Action has automatically assumed all of Bell's obligations. Is he correct? Explain. B. Dicton Corporation is merged into the C

Laws and Legal System

Why is it important to have laws? Do you think the legal system we adopted is the most efficient legal system?

Civil Rights & Age Discrimination

Research your civil rights regarding age discrimination. Interpret the law in terms of your protected right as an employee. And what industries do you feel openly discriminate against selected minorities, men/women, or youth/elderly?