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    Employment: How has the psychological contract changed over time?

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    How might I explain how has the psychological contract between the employee and the employer changed over time?

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    I believe there are a number of changes that have occurred in the past century that dramatically altered the employer-employee relationships in the business world.

    These changes (note in timeline order) might include:

    1. Education. Following WWII, GIs went to work with little advance training. They learned their jobs and then stayed with their jobs for a lifetime. There was loyalty both ways because employers would have to retrain and employees would have to start over. Higher education advanced the knowledge of job applicants which resulted in the ability to be more selective on both sides. Education reduced training ...

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    The solution lists nine circumstances or events that have occurred over time to impact the relationship between employers and employees. Each of the nine is explained in a short paragraph for a total word count of 403.