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    Private-Sector Employment Law

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    From what you have read, do the employment laws affecting the private sector work as they are designed to in the U.S.? Have they worked in the past? Do they need to be revised in light of new topics related to employment?

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    Whenever you ask if a law works as it was designed to, you open up a can of worms. I'm not sure what you have read in class, but my general experience from the world is that the answer is "they do-somewhat". I'm going to give you a couple brief examples with links to more reading.

    First, let's look at equal pay. By law, employers are not supposed discriminate between men and women when it comes to pay. However, we know for a fact that women, on average, tend to make less than men. Why is this? I tend to say there isn't exactly an open bias (as as you'll see, sometimes the pendulum swings the ...

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    The solution talks about several issues in employment law related to compensation, employee/employer relationships, and it gives links to further reading on some of the topics discussed.