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Richard, Chester and Bernice: the lottery ticket winning

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Legal Application Case Study

Richard was friends with Chester and Bernice. All three were residents of Indiana. Bernice, who was employed in an Illinois tavern where Illinois state lottery tickets were sold, had previously obtained lottery tickets for Richard because Indiana did not have a state lottery. In early April 1984, Richard requested that Chester and Bernice purchase an Illinois lottery ticket for him. He gave Chester and Bernice the money for the ticket and the numbers 6-15-16-23-24-37. Chester and Bernice purchased the ticket, but when it turned out to be the winning combination worth $1,696,800. They refused to give the ticket to Richard and unsuccessfully tried to collect the money. Richard filed suit against Chester and Bernice in Indiana, claiming the ticket and proceeds thereof. Was the contract legal? Why or Why not? Did the Chester and Bernice act ethically in this case? Should Chester and Bernice be able to keep the winnings from the lottery ticket? Why or Why not?

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The expert examines the lottery ticket winners. The response addresses the queries posted in 228 Words, APA References.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 228 Words, APA References

Oral Contract & Lottery Ticket

The Contract between Richard and Chester & Bernice was valid. An Oral Contract is valid as a Written Contract and one of the Parties involved in the contract can file a complaint against another party in case of Breach of Contract (Stroh & Johnson, 2006). The contract in ...

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