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    Business Entity formation and filing requirements

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    I need to prepare a description of business entity regulations in the state of Illinois as they pertain to the healthcare system.

    In the paper I need to:

    Identify the business formation code(s) in Illinois.

    Identify the address of Illinois corporation commission.

    Describe the process for obtaining an "annual filing report" for a corporation currently registered in Illinois.

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    Business Entity Regulations

    At the time of starting a business, the Entrepreneur must be having a proper understanding of rules and regulations that have been formed by the state in which the business is intended to operate. If the Management or Owner of the business selects the right business entity, it would be helpful in minimizing taxes, reducing liability exposures and ensuring that the business would be financed and run in an effective and efficient manner. Different Business Entities are Sole Proprietorship, General & Limited Partnership, 'C' Corporation, 'S' Corporations and Limited Liability Company (LLC) (Business Entity Descriptions, n.d.). Different Businesses select one ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 373 Words, APA References