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    Product Liability and Nature of Law

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    Please help with the following problem found in the textbook: Business Law: The Ethical, Global, and E-Commerce Environment 13th edition written by Jane Mallor, A. James Barnes, Thomas Bowers, and Arlen W. Langvardt (2007). Please answer question in detail.

    9. One wheel of a pre-1916 automobile manufactured by the Buick Motor Company was made of defective wood. Buick could have discovered the defect had it made a reasonable inspection after it purchased the wheel from another manufacturer. Buick sold the car to a retail dealer, who then sold it to MacPherson. While MacPherson was driving his new Buick, the defective wheel collapsed and he was thrown from the vehicle. Was Buick, which did not deal directly with MacPherson, liable for his injuries?

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    Yes, under the product liability theory, Buick can be held liable for MacPherson's injury. Product liability lawsuits can allege negligence when a manufacturer fails to exercise the care that would be exercised by a reasonable manufacturer in the same or similar situation. Under this theory, Buick failed to reasonably inspect the ...

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