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International Law and USA Companies

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Look at these concepts below and discuss them...

A: Ethics
B: Governmental regulation

A) In light of ethical, political, and legal responsibilities, please describe how these concepts effect managers?

B) Choose a publicly-traded company which operates in more than one country and pick a couple concepts from above, then tell how the international law would make it harder or easier to operate multi-nationally. Briefly explain what problems a company would have.

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This solution discussed ethics and governmental regulation.

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A) Ethics effect managers in a number of ways. They have to decide on how they will spend the company's money, or will have to choose on whom to retain and terminate. This is no easy task for anyone. However, many also have to find out what other countries are doing, and decide whether or not it is ethical as well as not break international law in the process. Otherwise, the organization could risk losing money, which would include future business relations with those around the world.

Another area that effects managers is ...

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