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Determining Legality and Drawing up Provisions and Guarantees

1)- Are the actions undertaken by the companies or individuals in the following scenarios legal or illegal pursuant to U. S. law? explain your answer.

A wire transfer of $200,000 to the Minister of Contracting of Gambia made by Bordeaux Builders, Inc., a French corporation, and originating from its corporate headquarters in New York in order to secure a construction contract

2)- You are the legal advisor for a steel manufacturing company. The board of directors has sent you to India to negotiate an investment agreement with India's government. Describe the provisions, or guarantees, you think must be in this agreement to protect your company's investment.

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International Business Law:

The International business law is a body that governs the international transactions that occurs between corporations. In the current global market, international trades have increased because companies what to join hands with corporations in separate countries so that they can benefit from the demand in those countries.

Wire Transfer:

In the modern world, money transfer has diversified and evolved to satisfy the needs of individuals and organizations. The wiring of money from one corporation to another should however be conducted as per the law states to ensure that no fraud occurs. This money transfer that took place between the Bordeaux Builders a French corporation to the minister of contracting of Gambia would be legal if the following actions were adhered to; proof of identification in that, the two parties that are involved in the transaction should have a proof of the exchange. This is a requirement by the law for international transfers and it is professional of the organizations to follow (Wire Transfers, 2011).

The transactions are governed by rules that state that the parties that are sending and receiving money should be kept on record under the money transfer number that is in operation. The number will act as the reference point when the transaction needs to b checked. The limit amount that should be sent internationally has been regulated by the US law. This is placed ...

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