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    specific performance or compensatory damages

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    Read the following scenarios and explain whether the court will likely grant specific performance or compensatory damages.

    a. Buffy contracts to sell her home to Dixie for $200,000. Before the deal closes, Barney offers to purchase the house for $225,000. Buffy refuses to sell the property to Dixie.
    b. Sinbad contracts to perform his comedy act at a Las Vegas nightclub for one month, beginning on September 1. Sinbad gets a better offer at another club and refuses to perform.
    c. Bell Computer Corp. has three shareholders. Casey and Lacy each own 45% and Nicki owns 10%. Nicki contracts to sell his 10% to Lacy, but later refuses to transfer to shares.

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    Before I address the specific scenarios given, I think it's important to to note that the purpose of remedies is to put the aggrieved party in the position they would have been in had there been no breach of contract. In these case of specific performance, this is awarded in situations where compensatory damages would ...

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