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Can a Church Discriminate by Religion When Hiring?

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Read the case titled, 'Corporation of the Presiding Bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day V. Amos 483 U.S. 327 (1987)' listed on page 528 of the textbook:
Bennett-Alexander, Dawn D., Hartman, Laura P. (2009). Employment Law for Business (6th Edition). United States: The McGraw-Hill Companies.

As a church employer in your religion, what reason would you give for requiring that the building engineer be of the same religion?

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As a church employer, I would argue that I have the right to hire and fire employees based on their religious perspectives as upheld by the Supreme Court ruling in Latter-Day V Amos case. Under section 702 of the Title VII law, the Supreme Court stated "The Court holds that Title VII's prohibition against religious discrimination in employment as related to secular nonprofit activities of religious organizations does not violate the Establishment Clause" (Bennett-Alexander, Dawn, Hartman, 2009).

So, through application of this ...

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The solution takes the position of an employer at a church and argues that they should have the right to hire based on religion, citing the relevant laws and cases by name. 329 words with 2 references.

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