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    Business Communication

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    How can nonverbal communication help you run a meeting?

    How can nonverbal communication help you run a meeting? How can it help you call a meeting to order, emphasize important topics, show approval, express reservations, regulate the flow of conversation, and invite a colleague to continue with a comment?

    Building Effective Teams - Communication Issues

    Scenario: You and the other HR managers are working with a training consultant on a program for cross-cultural supervisors. You are contributing information and expertise in the area of dealing with conflicts when they arise on a team, with a focus on how areas of conflict can be complicated by cultural differences in team memb

    Effective Communication

    Explain the basic process of effective communication, discuss the importance of communication in providing excellent customer service, and also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of effective communication in the medical environment.

    Communication plan

    The Automated Production System is a new production line that we will be activating within the next 18 months. The anticipated construction cost for this new production line is $4.75M. The good news for all of you is that since we will be increasing our production rate, we will not be reducing the workforce, so there will be n

    Business Communication

    Identify two major sources to explain workforce diversity and communicating interculturally, within business communications.

    Management Communication Styles

    How do we sometimes create problems through our communication style? Give at least two examples of experiences that you have had in dealing with customer service providers who tried to sway you through negative leading questions.

    Communication in the Workplace

    1) How can your background determined your values, attitudes, and beliefs? How do your values, attitudes, and beliefs impact your behavior in the workplace? 2) What can organizations do to reduce communication barriers? 3) What are some advantages and disadvantages of using formal and informal channels of commu

    What role does communication play in effectively managing diversity?

    "Regarding your cultural awareness, how would you describe the prevailing culture of your country to a stranger from another land? If you were raised in a culture other than the U.S., explain that national culture. If you were raised in a U.S. culture, describe the subculture of your area." "Give an example where you may have

    Memo on a Communication Problem

    How would you write a report in memo format to your manager about communication problem in your organization. Identify the problem, and propose a solution.

    Improving communication, indepedent distribution channels

    1) It is fairly obvious that the success rate of a new product would improve if communication between R&D and marketing improved. From a human resources perspective, what are some of the programs and incentives you could put in place to accomplish this? 2) An executive at a large package delivery company has complained that

    Communication: Writing a Summary Report

    Safety training at the Moline plant has been completed. As a member of the team that developed the safety policies and procedures, you have been asked to prepare a summary report to the Vice President of Technology and Manufacturing apprising him of the results and offering your recommendations for future training. At a minimum,

    Inherent Controls/Communication Questions

    Assist with both questions below using your professional experience and examples that are relevant. 1. Give some examples as to how inherent controls are used in an organization. Are the controls effective? Why or Why not? 2. Explain how employee communications and participation influence the effectiveness of the pay syst

    Global Communication Issues and Opportunities

    What are the issues and opportunities facing Global Communications? Make sure that you take into consideration all stakeholder perspectives and ethical dilemmas that may be present.

    Communication Barriers

    What are several barriers that would prevent the communication of a strategy down through the various levels of an organization? What are some ways to prevent or overcome these barriers?

    Communication and the Impacts Of Organizational Communications

    1. Explain the five levels and five functions of organizational communications for a company. 2. Relate the functioning of the various styles of communications styles and their relationship to a company and maybe even the company from number one to keep the sample consistent. 3. Examine the scope and applica


    What are the characteristics a communications technology must have in order to be considered appropriate for the job? What are the differences between synchronous and asynchronous communications? List four characteristics for each. What factors are to be considered when communicating with virtual workers? What are the

    Communication and a new strategy

    How and to what extent will information be shared throughout the organization regarding the new strategy? What and who should be considered when answering this question?

    Negotiation Style and Communication

    How would you describe the personal style of the negotiators in the Far-East? Or is it a mix of styles? How would you weigh the proportion of their: Verbal, Non-Verbal, and Listening attributes? Please explain your reasoning.

    Hierarchy & Information Transit

    Discuss the levels and functions of the organizational communications hierarchy from your perspective and experience Describe how information travels up, down, and across your workplace. Explain your organization's rules of communication (who may or may not talk to whom).


    What is the importance of having effective communication in the workplace? What happens when communication is not effective or breaks down? How do things like culture and gender affect communication?