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    Communication Process

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    Use the eight phases of the communication process list below to analyze a miscommunication you've recently had with a co-worker, supervisor,classmate or family member or friend. What idea were you trying to share? How did you encode and transmit it? Did the receiver get the message? Did the receiver correctly decode the message? How do you know? Based on your analysis, identify and explain the barriers that prevented your successful communication in this instance?

    1.The sender has an idea/
    2.The sender encodes the idea as a message.
    3.The sender produces the message in a transmittable medium.
    4.The sender transmits the message through a channel.
    5.The audience receives the message.
    6.The audience decodes the message.
    7.The audience responds to the message.
    8.The audience sends feedback.

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    1.The sender has an idea- I was talking to a supervisor and I wanted to let him know that the whole staff was working very hard and we were exhausted in an attempt for the supervisor to understand why work may not be getting done as quickly and efficiently. I was hoping that along with understanding, he would also give the staff a break in order to regain their energy to promote efficiency in the future.

    2.The sender encodes the idea as a message. - I went in and told the supervisor about the situation and told him that we were ...