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Business Communication

Communication channels" Effectiveness and determination of appropriate channel

Discuss which of these channels are used in your organization and how effective they are. How do you make a determination of the most appropriate channel to use for a particular message? Formal communication networks, including downward, upward, and horizontal communication Informal communication networks such as the gr

Business Communication: Proper mediums, effectiveness, misuses

Why is it important to choose proper mediums when communicating within a business environment? How are these communication mediums chosen and does one medium take precedence over another? What communication mediums have you used in your current or prior work experience. Do you find one method more effective over another? Explain

Factors affecting Interpersonal Communication

Prepare a paper researching an organizational situation that demonstrated poor interpersonal communication and had a very negative effect. Describe the organizational situation in detail. Include detailed answers to the following questions: o What factors affected the interpersonal communication in this situation? o H

Can John Black's use of communication technology affect his career?

John Black is a production supervisor in a low-tech toy company that produces wooden cars and boats for children 2-4 years of age. John supervises twenty-five employees and has been performing well in this same job for five years. In personal reflection, John wants to be promoted, but does not think he will be offered promotio

Communication for specialty motorcycle known as 'Hot Rod'

Assume you are a Manufacturing Manager who is responsible for leading a global cross functional team. The team has been tasked with developing a more cost effective way of producing your specialty motorcycle known as the 'Hot Rod' without sacrificing product quality. Your team's job is to figure out the best new processes and te

Business Management: Major Barriers, Effective Communication

1. What do you think are the major barriers to upward communication in an organization? 2. Effective communication is essential to successful management and leadership functions. Explain why. Support your answer with clear examples and vocabulary from the lectures, where appropriate.

Identify a communication to help grow a new business

Identify one communication that may help initiate or grow a new business. Explain the organization and provide two examples of how this organization may help you build on your business brand. Identify what your business brand is/will be.

Communication Barriers and the Consequences

Recount at least one past situation where you experienced a substantial breakdown in communication within a group. Identify the communication barrier(s) at work. (For example, problems with communication can pop-up at every stage of the communication process, which consists of the sender, encoding, the channel, decoding, the

Cross-Cultural Communication

What cross-cultural communication errors have you heard of? Have any happened to you? How might you respond to a colleague who makes the following statement: "We're all humans, and we're a lot more alike than we are different."

Communication and E-Commerce

There are many types of communications media available to managers in todayâ??s organizations. Under what circumstance would you use a specific medium to communicate with a virtual workforce? Include issues such as media security, privacy, and reliability in your discussion.

Communication Management and Gifts

In your office, a customer comes to give you some "gift", such as a laptop, watch or products from his/her factory. Will you accept it or refuse it? Will it upset him. How to communicate with the customer without damage your business relationship?

Influencing Group Communication

Write a 700 to 1,050 word paper describing the five bases of power. Indicate which power bases are formal and which are personal. How might each of these power bases affect communication in your selected group or organization {government}? Any help in the right direction would be appreciated. Thanks! *coercive power *rewa


Discussion Question # 4 What benchmarks could you use to determine the effectiveness of your meetings? How effective is communication within a group? Virtual meetings, do the advantages outweigh the drawbacks? How effective is for an organization to meet with employees on a regular basis? Why have a meeting?, What do w

The ability to communicate effectively is essential when becoming an active participant in an organizational setting. There are a few deterrents that could hinder the communication process such as; ? Personality clashes ? Inability to listen ? Uncertainty about the organizations or team vision ? Lack of communication ? Language barriers ? Inarticulateness ? Emotional blocks ? Preoccupation Lack of communication could be a potential barrier for all that are not willing to communicate with each other. Failure to inform the team on conflicting issues or not understanding the assignment without excessive clarification can be harmful to a team. The largest barrier that must be overcome to attain team goals is centered on balancing work, personal life, and school. Team effectiveness is challenged by an individual member's failure to participate and share skill sets. Members that lack commitment and proper time management create roadblocks to achieving goals. Team communication could prove to be an obstacle, it is essential that we keep the lines of communication open. Quality of work is a barrier that could hinder the success of the group. When work submitted by an individual isn't in accordance with expectations, others are forced to correct errors; this may cause a delay in submitting papers and presentations.

1. What factors interfered with effective communications? The ability to communicate effectively is essential when becoming an active participant in an organizational setting. There are a few deterrents that could hinder the communication process such as; ? Personality clashes ? Inability to listen ? Uncertainty about

Communication Management

Hi there. I just want to hear your opinion about this topic. What if we mixed between Circular Network and Wheel Network to communicate? Note: the file has been attached, if you want to just have a quick look at the lecture. Thanks

Communication Problem

As said in the lecture, different generations have different ways of communicating and dealing with situations, how do we as Gen Y effectively communicate in the work place with the baby boomers or traditionalists? Especially considering the "my way or the highway" attitude that is typical among them? Thanks! Note: The lectu

Is whistle blowing a kind of communication mishap?

Is whistle blowing a kind of communication mishap? For example: When unethical practices are carried out in the organisation you are working, the people will definately ignore your voices if you do not support and stick to your morals. This means you have failed to communicate to them or in other way the reciever( audien

The two-step theory of mass communication: media influence and behavior change

To what degree do you think mass media influence you or other's? Based on, "the two- step theory" mass communications, the foundation of which is the belief that the mass media influence society's key opinion leaders, who in turn influence the opinions and actions of society itself. These key opinion leaders were said to includ


What strategies would you use to maintain a caring, sensitive tone, even when writing a negative message? Provide an example by writing a short e-mail message to a coworker who has requested assistance with a project not on your priority list. Assume you are already overwhelmed with your own work. Minimum 200 words