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Change Agents Managers and Bureaucracy for Business Students

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1. What are the skills of a successful change agent? Are managers change agents? Are change agents managers?

2. What is bureaucracy? Consider both good and bad results in a bureaucratic organization.

3. Give 3 suggestions for maintaining good communications between a manager and workers in a virtual office situation.

4. Do you have a job description? Do a job analysis, write a job description or critique the one you have, and determine your job's specification.

5. Select a topic for your final paper (TOPIC: Multinational Corporations And Global Management) and describe its importance to the field of management.

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1. What are the skills of a successful change agent? Are managers change agents? Are change agents managers?
What is a Change Agent? According to Modern Management," the change agent is an individual inside or outside the organization who tries to modify the existing organizational situation." The change agent must be diversified and have the ability to assess all situations. A change agent must be able to determine what needs changing, when it should take place and how it can be done. The change agent should possess the necessary expertise to understand the profound effect it could have internally. They will have the knowledge how it will affect the individual workers affiliated with the changes. The change agent should be prepared to address the individuals problems with organizational change. The change agent will have the foresight to know when the time is right to implement the changes, how much change the organization and employees can endure at any given moment. They need strong problem solving skills in order to resolve problems that arise from sudden change. In addition, the change agent needs the knowledge, skills, and ability to evaluate and assess the organizational change.

Are managers change agents? Organizations undergo change or modify processes to ensure their success and longevity. Successful managers understand and agree with those changes. They are proactive and are forward thinkers. They seek new ideas, are interested in new technology, and willing to implement change when the time is appropriate. They have the leadership skills and provide the stability needed for the change to be successful. Managers have the expertise necessary to evaluate the organizational changes needed and the skills to implement them. Also, they can observe the end results.

Are change agent managers? Change agents with the expertise have the authority to implement the change needed for the organizations future success. Many times, change agents are managers that understand the organizations culture. They have a vested interest for the success of the change. ...

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This solution discusses skills of a change agent. It determines if managers are change agents. Describes bureaucray and list both good, bad results in a bureaucratic organization. Gives suggestions how managers communicate in a virtual office with the employees. It contains a MS word document with over 2000 words for business students.

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