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Conflict, Communication, and Stages

Analyze the attached response. Use the points below to craft your summary (100-200 words).

Which Stage I,II,III,IV and V elements are evident in the attached response's descriptions?
List three to four elements, for example, perception types of intentions, and behavior.

Provide a short description of how the Stage elements played a part in the conflicts.


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While I do not know what each of your stages entails, as a Dr. of Conflict Analysis and Resolution, I can identify various bits of elements that created escalation and therefore a conflict situation.

In the first with the sister, there is always an element of jealousy about the other siblings based on experiences. The younger sister comes into the situation with two perceptions, 1) based on competing with the perception of the older sibling being the leader and 2) being younger and expecting more attention from others.

The first is always difficult for younger siblings because they hear the "when your older sister/brother did this, then this happened. " They want to forge their own ...

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Using a student's example, a discussion on the stages and reasons for conflict in two situations. Communication and perception are two items discussed.