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virtual team, managing team

Not having control over others in the learning team process.

What are some ways to overcome the fear of losing control in these situations? What are some suggestions you can give when it comes to working in teams and dealing with communication in a virtual team?

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Situation Question
Making team understand or learn the team process can easily go out of control if we do not follow the right approach. The best way to deal with the situation is making sure that you ensure that the processes are not imposed on the team. You need to ensure that they understand the value for what they are doing. Lot of time team members try to follow the process for the sake of doing the same and not understand the benefits behind the same. But as soon as they start realizing the benefits, they will feel it inevitable to follow the process and you will never loose control over your team members in learning team process.

Communication Suggestions for Virtual Teams
First let's define Virtual Team: A virtual team is a group of people, working together for a particular purpose, who are based in different locations, and who mainly communicate electronically rather than face-to-face.

 Communication is essentially between people (with ...

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Virtual team, managing team and overcome the fear of losing control in these situations.