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Human Biology


Hematology: 1. What is the earliest hematopoietic cell? 2. Name the form that iron is incorporated into? 3. What enhances the release of oxygen from hemoglobin? 4. What is the pathway that increases NADPH and glutathione? 5. Abnormal monocyte/macrophages changes seen in this type disease

Absorption Spectrum of Pigments

Compare and contrast the absorption spectrum of pigments of Cyanobacterium vs. the various purple bacteria. What wavelengths are preferentially absorbed by the pigments of each group of bacteria & how do the absorption properties of these molecules compare with the regions of the spectrum visible to our eye? How do they explain

How can you examine the plant species specificity of Rhizobium spp?

All I can think of is inoculating lots of different types of plant seedlings with the bacteria and comparing their growth with uninoculated seedlings. As the specificity of Rhizobia-plant interactions is dependant upon genes is there some molecular or genomic way of analysing this? any help at all would be appreciated -

Health research in Canada.

Please help me so I can complete a short summary (500-700 words) on health research in Canada. website:

Nutrition and dehydration

I need answers for the following questions: 1. Why is water essential to health maintenance? 2. What are the functions of water in the body? 3. What happens to the body when it does not get the water it needs? 4. Compare and contrast how different electrolytes - sodium, potassium, and chloride-function in the body. 5.

Punnett squares

Problem 1: Dalmatian dogs occur in two colors - normal black spots and bown (liver) spots. Assume that the black-spotted condition is dominant over the brown-spotted condition. Please determine the following: a) The letters you would use to identify the alleles for a black-spotted dog and the alleles for a brown-spotted

Detection of listeria monocytogenes by the polymerase chain reaction.

I have using sterile technique, made up in an eppendorf tube the following: Sterile water 15 ul, primer 1 @ 30ng/ul, primer 2 @ 30 ng/ul, DNA Preparation (listeria or e.coli 5 ul), Mastermix 25 ul. I mixed the tubes and heated them, and carried out the elecrophoresis for staining to obtain a photograph. I need to

Anatomy/Physiology of Respiratory, Urinary System, Fluid and Electrolyte

1. The pharynx is common to what 2 systems? 2. What is the voice box? Of what is it composed? What is the Adam's apple? 3. Describe the structure and function of the trachea. 4. Describe respiratory physiology. 5. What is the main respiratory muscle? 6. List the principal and accessory organs of the urinary system

Agarose gel electrophoresis - why does my bp not add up?

Will be as brief as I can! - any help would be appreciated. used 3 lanes on my gel and ran in each: lane 1: hyperladder (linear fragments) lane 2: EcoR1 digested recombinant pUC18 (size of insert unknown) lane 3: undigested recombinant pUC18 plasmid Results obtained from gel and standard curve: lane 2: 2 bands app

Death from cancer

A Radiology Tech, died of cancer believed to be caused by many years of exposure to radiation. Death due to Cancer is seen to be at much higher risks for certain occupations. Could the cancer been caused by some other agent/s? Being specific in your own words

Asthma as an epidemic in children

How is asthma affecting children and what is being done about it. a short cause and effect study in asthma and its ramifications with the children and the environment

Renal question

What happens to glomerular filtration rate in a nephron whose affernet arteriole constricts(systemic blood pressure remains constant)

Bioinformative Assignment - Diagnostic Restriction Digests

THE PROBLEM you have decided to study DNA repair and recombination in E.coli. your best buddy from graduate school sends you a clone of the recA gene. she has told you that the gene is included in 3.266 Kb Bam HI genomic fragment that she has cloned into the pBC vector. however, she has neveer checked the orient


What is meant by "detection of peptidoglycan by the host requires prior processing?"

Hypothetical essay involving Koch's postulates.

For the table attached pick one of the gene products, and write a hypothetical Koch's postulates molecur version to identify the gene product as a virulence factor in the infection model, which is also listed on the table.

Please help

(Just need answers) 1. The only vascular structure to pass between the superior mesenteric artery and the aorta on a transverse scan is? a left hepatic vein b left gastric artery c left renal artery d left renal vein e right hepatic vein 2. The inferior vena cava terminates in the? a portal vein b portal artery c h

Monod Kinetics

Bacteria used to degrade a contaminant in a bacth reactor are found to grown on the contaminant with Monod Kinetics. Assuming Umax (the max specific growth rate)=10 per day, and Ks (called half velocity constant)=5mg/L and Kd (the decay constant)=0.05 per day. At what value of S (the substrate concentration) will dX/dt=0. (X

Inheritance of dibetes mellitus

Hundreds of human diseases are characterized by a genetic component, such as familial breast cancer. These diseases may run in your family and can currently be tested for. Prepare a 200-word report for your own family members about the current state of knowledge on any such diseases and the tests available. Describe the disease,