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    type 2 diabetes and kids

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    Type 2 diabetes is becoming increasingly common in the United States. The primary risk factor for type 2 diabetes is a history of obesity. Statistics show that children are becoming obese at an alarmingly high rate, and this correlates with increased rates of type 2 diabetes. When young children become overweight, the problem is usually blamed on nutrition and exercise choices made by the parents. Why do you think today's parents have a harder time feeding their children nutritious meals and providing an exercise program than did parents of previous generations? What can be done to solve this problem? Recently, several families have filed legal action against a fast-food restaurant chain, claiming that their children are obese because they ate there frequently. These parents claim that the restaurant chain is liable because it made the parents think that the food was healthy and would not contribute to obesity. Do you believe that these parents have a case? Justify your response.

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    Reason why today's parents have a harder time feeding their children nutritious meals:
    First today the lifestyle is extremely fast paced. Industries have come up with easy solutions for parents that they can use and feed quick and easy meals that can be prepared in very less amount of time. Secondly, there are more and more fast food chains that entice the kids and the kids insist on eating there. Therefore, the industry is making use of the parent's weakness if they are not firm on feeding what is nutritious. The fast foods can be nutritious; but mostly the raw material has some portion of preservatives, so, that the preparation time is very low. Thirdly, if parents do not feed kids at the fast food centers, the market is loaded with foods that are preserved which can be used to prepare meals very fast. The ...

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