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Human Biology

Homeostasis is related to blood pressure.

How do negative feedback mechanisms contribute to homeostasis? What are some examples in terms of temperature regulation and blood pressure maintenance? What would happen if temperature regulation were suddenly controlled by a positive feedback loop? These questions are pondered.

Determine if the patient is in alkalosis or acidosis

Using the lab values given, determine if the patient is in alkalosis or acidosis, if it is metabolic or respiratory and if it is being compensated for. Give specific reasons for your answers. pH = 7.5; PCO2 = 24 mm Hg; HCO3- = 18 mEq/L

Practice test question

Long term diabetics experience kidney failure which leads to anemia. How does kidney failure correlate to anemia?

Drosophilla crosses are calculated.

In a lab strain of Drosophila, cinnabar (cn) and brown (bw) are recessive eye colour mutations known to be 41 m.u. apart on chromosome 2. When similar mutant alleles were induced in a strain from nature, the same linkage of cn and bw was observed. However, when a wild-type strain from nature was crossed with a cn bw/cn bw lab st

Punnett Square tests are noted.

You do a Punnett Square on a dihybrid cross and end up with two classes of individuals. Is there a problem? What could be a reason for this? Ideas are explained.

Epinephrine's purpose in vaccination is traced.

Physicians administering live, attenuated mumps and measles vaccine prepared in chick embryos keep epinephrine available. Epinephrine will not treat these viral infections. What is the purpose of keeping this drug on hand?